1. D

    Elite's asymmetrical gameplay is its greatest strength

    Many people try to theory craft a balance so that the different playstyles of elite can interact on an equal footing. Which to me seems like removing one of its greatest assets; that widely differing types of players coexist in the same sandbox: For all those sim...
  2. M

    Death IRL, or, does dead commanders get flown into a star?

    Hi. Quite new(ish) to the game, but really love the whole package. There was a good eyeopener in the news in Norway lately, about this disabled guy who did all the things he could not do IRL in game (WoW). Then he died! His family knew he was a gamer, but had no idea about how many friends he...
  3. LanceLord

    Can't Enter Supercruise After Hyperjump Due to Overheating?

    Currently playing solo and silent running mode not on. 1. Was doing my final commodities trading run to complete a mission between Eranin 4 and Foster in Asellius system. Exited the hyperjump as normal. Instinctively slowed down while immediately veering away from the sun like I always have...
  4. K

    The Anomaly class L06 is a lie?!

    So here's the thing: im in the Region "Hawking's Gap" where apparently there is a report of a "class L06 Anomaly" in system "Thaile HW-V E2-7". (check codex) I am in this system and I discovered the Clouds with the shroomy bois and the thunders....but I can't "confirm" this Anomaly L06 since I...
  5. W

    Emigrating to Colonia - Work in Progress

    Greetings, Commanders! My Name is waldgeist, and I am a commander from Austria, playing the game for about a year now. I am thinking about emigrating to Colonia (at least for a while), and I realised that this is a step which has to be well planned. I know that there is a bunch of threads and...
  6. Kamiyoda

    Well played, Frontier.

    It seems the only way they could stop me from grinding out the new content in about 3 hours was luring me onto a megaship with promises of exploring the great unknown. *Shakes fist* I'll be back! *Edit* The space Madness is already setting in!!! Mods move this to Dangerous Discusion please!
  7. M

    Space Sounds

    the ingame sound effects are nice, and it add to the game elements of submersion. But Space is void, and there is no sound in real life that can travel through it. so, it would be nice if we have the option to alter that for the sake of space simulation. suggestion: 1- add an option in audio...
  8. B

    Strange Issue just started - Trouble finding posts similar

    Hey everyone! Love this game (thanks FDev!) and have been having a ton of fun in VR. I got an Oculus Rift with a GTX 1060 6gb, i7, 16g of ram. Everything runs well enough. I'm using a X52 pro HOTAS. Typically I have no issues outside of typical driver issues with nvidia and/or Oculus. The...
  9. C

    How the turrets in space/jousting gameplay may be fixed (and possibly fix permaboosting)

    It seems that in spite of the Devs' best efforts to the contrary, PvE in the game often descents into a very "turrets in space" style of gameplay, where 2 ships just slug fire at each other while trying to shield tank the damage taken. I believe that this has a deterimental impact on the overall...
  10. surfarer

    Why can we not select one of our ships to start with at beginning of play?

    I often wonder why we cannot select a ship we own at the beginning of play. e.g. I have a ship at Ceos and a few around the homeworld. I CAN jump in my Asp and travel back to Ceos to do missions but this takes over half an hour of play from me just to travel!!! WHY??? some say to keep the...
  11. Viper2kUK

    Love the game but I got to be up for parole after time served?

    Any chance of congical visits guvnor for time spent? V2k.
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