1. Distantz

    Infinity custom vertical lift Tutorial

    Like many, I was bothered by the absence of a customisation vertical lift when the Infinite previews were released. But upon release of the DLC pack, and therefore the Infinite, I immediately found a way to make a reliable, high as you want, albeit a tiny bit too fast custom vertical lift. So...
  2. V

    Infinity Coaster (Typhoon Infinite) Issues

    I and many others have been looking forward to the addition of a gerstlauer infinity coaster for a while now. Now that it has actually been implemented, I have found several issues with the coaster type. In this thread I am going to use the Smiler as the main example. Lift Hills The first...
  3. M

    Infinity Coaster (Typhoon Infinite) Unnecessary vertical lift limitations and supports

    I find it really weird and unnecessary, that the vertical lift in the Typhoon Infinite Coaster needs to end with a beyond vertical drop. The limitation did make more sense on the Typhoon Barghest Coaster, because Eurofighters actually always use beyond vertical drops. Infinity Coasters though do...
  4. Distantz

    Cosmetic updates to the Infinite coaster.

    When the Classic Ride showcase videos dropped today we as a community couldn't help but notice these trains. It seems that you have just mixed The Smiler's Gen 1 trains with Hangtimes/monsters Gen 2 trains. I find this odd since you already have the style of the Gen 1 seats in game, on the Wild...
  5. Old Duck

    ∞ Limpets?

    The whole debate of infinite probes has me thinking, why not infinite limpets? Hold on, let me explain, as it actually makes a ton of sense. Ignoring the prospector limpet (I'll get to this), limpets are finite because they expire. There's really no reason for this. My SRV doesn't "expire", nor...
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