1. K

    Players with bad karma should be instanced with each other

    Elite should keep tabs on number of players blocking and reporting a given player, and treat that as "bad karma score" (with reporting resulting in more bad karma than blocking). Instancing code should consider the score when dividing players to instances, and tend to throw ones with heaps bad...
  2. Jbeecham

    Thargoid bugs and glitches

    Hey guys I’ve been a dedicated Elite player for about a year now. Our faction “The Hand” is a dedicated group of thargoid hunters On Xbox, and we have been experiencing new and pre existing issues ever since I️ could remember. The primary issues are: Instancing with more than two players...
  3. IcemanAJL

    Merging the new Exploration tools with Bounty Hunting

    First off, loved the new changes and tools added to exploration. The past system always seemed absolutely lacking in content and interest beyond jump, scan, repeat. Now all these new tools and scanners will make the scanning process more interesting and open up more randomized events and...
  4. T

    It's now time to throw P2P out the game.

    Dunno what muppet you guys employed to write your netcode, but fixed weapons are just about unplayable at this point, the target reticule making 3-6 inch hops accross the screen, matching no vector whatsoever. GET DEDICATED SERVERS OR HIRE SOMEONE WHO KNOWS WHAT NETCODING IS. Seriously, it's...
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