1. S

    jump to second star

    On the galaxy map i selected LFT 992 but arrive at second star in this sistem (gliese 507 B) how is that possible ? cca 6-7 minutes with 50 void opals in cargo was able to escape 3 interdictions ... hell of a ride o_O
  2. P

    Frontier developers made this game so annoying and bugged

    Today, i've picked up a mission to transfer huge amount of materials (3700 tons) to a station. It went well until 2400 tons transferred, of course the server always sent some normal interdiction to me if i had the cargo, even cheaterdiction, when the enemy ship was passed me from front with huge...
  3. TitanicDweeb

    General Nerf Frame Shift Drive Interdictor

    Okay, I'm fairly new to the game of Elite. I started playing the game a little over a month ago and love it so far. There are things that do need to be fixed and i think a simple one would be to change how the frame shift drive interdictor works. I get the fact that there are people that like to...
  4. tavelpenguin

    PvP Interdiction Help

    I was in Sol next to the sun going to the station Abraham Lincoln in my Cobra MK III called Noble. I was interdicted by a player but I don't know what ship they were in. I read a lot about not getting interdicted so when I was, I submitted so I could high wake out of there. But when I came out...
  5. FocusedSteel384

    could not deploy weapons on multiple attempts after submitting to an interdiction

    I was interdicted by a player 4 times and submitted twice. I am not sure what the issue was but I was able to deploy my hard points but was unable to switch to my weapons" change fire groups" leaving me the only choice but to run. After i left i tested it and i was able to deploy my weapons and...
  6. D

    The problem of Interdiction by hackers and how it can be helped

    I am using a Python as a transport ship to grind up a some credits by performing transport missions. I really haven't had a problem with gankers until recently when it came out that ED has a hacking problem. I've been interdicted twice now and destroyed as soon as my game loads into the instance...
  7. A

    Game Crashing on Interdiction

    So after downloading the patch that released last night on Feburary 17, and after its download im having the same problem over and over. The game force closes and crashes when im interdicting my mission targets. im using my Python for this and when i get to the target and pul them down. just as...
  8. D

    Interdicted by federal Navy ship.

    Ok. So I just got back from a 1,000 ly exploration trip, headed to wolf 397 to the trophy camp, and suddenly I was notified by the federation Navy ship that I was being "interdicted under military rules of engagement." My first question is; what does that mean? My second question is; I am allied...
  9. Vurrath

    interdiction inbalanced when lowPing V highPing

    although i don't mind being interdicted legitimately, i DO mind, Frontier doing nothing / little, about making sure that when only one person is on high ping in a inderdiction, that the preferential/depenent co-processing, needs to depend on THEIR end processing FIRST, to make sure that the...
  10. K

    Interdiciton - PVE Slide or Reduction Button

    Longtime player since the beginning, loved ED just for running cargo runs in my python. I stopped shortly after the engineers, came back and did the bulk of the guardians. I thought lets give it another try and the love/hate for the game starts right up. I find getting tripled and quadruple...
  11. Old Duck

    How To Cure Griefing (and other great ideas)

    There seems to be some debate on how much of the new C&P system is a response to player "griefing", but I think there may be a better way to "cure" this problem that's logical, easy to implement, PvP-friendly, and brings meaning to system security state. Disable FSD Interdictors in HiSec...
  12. T

    No Fire Zone: Request to Open Fire

    I've had following scenario happen to me couple of times in Elite. I get interdicted I submit and drop from hyperspace The attacking ship is too much for me to handle so I run I get to a safe port only for the offending ship to drop out next to me. The ship intends to finish what it started...
  13. C

    Does interdiction mini game in PVE different for each ship?

    No i am not asking how to escape interdiction (pips to sys, boost boost), there are jillions of great guides. But i havent found the answer for my question So far, i have 2 ships, which are ASPX and Python. I am playing solo for passenger missions and explorations. For the moment, everytime...
  14. FurryFailure

    Warzone / Lockdown Checkpoint Requirements - Give them a purpose?

    So I was responding to a post in regards to Federal Navy Ships interdicting players in Conflict areas and It went on a tangent about checkpoints, and I noticed a few neat ideas and came up with my own that I think would give elite more flavour or dynamic, so my idea is this: You enter a Warzone...
  15. CMDR Plexus Ironrot

    Chieftain interdiction display

    Any possible way it coud be moved up a wee bit? It being so close to the dashboard And not quite in line with the ship really throws me off
  16. T

    A Thought on Checkpoints

    From what I've read, aside from the occasional assassination mission, there isn't much point the Checkpoints that form between various warring factions. I had a thought, to make them more relevant what if checkpoints were changed to function as blockades? The blockade sites would feature...
  17. catacalypse

    Newcomer / Intro Combat Insta-Death

    So I was working on the community goal today, and after 3 hours of mining, I finally had enough Osmium and Samarium to have a full hold. I was on approach to the station when I started to get Interdicted. I thought nothing of it, and after noticing that it wasn't an NPC interdiction, I became...
  18. W

    Newcomer / Intro Secretive + Criminal Vip Passenger Missions

    Hi, First of all, this is not about landing and starting from stations. Got no problem with that. But its the only situation Google search helped. So I started to try passenger missions to Sirius Atmospheric. About half the missions I get with relogging to fill my 8 cabins are secretive +...
  19. F

    Newcomer / Intro NPC Interdictor Ignores the Limit of its Jump Range

    My ship is interdicted by an NPC ship (who is after my passenger). I jump ~35LY (my ship is a specifically spec'ed out lightweight Diamondback Explorer; mainly "D" modules). The NPC ship, a Vulture with a maximum, best possible jump range of ~22LY, appears in-system shortly thereafter... I then...
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