1. N

    Stack otional internal modules in larger slots

    This is simply an IRL gameplay improvement idea, as in real life you can stack multiple smaller things in a larger space. Think of boxes in a box truck or moving van. Now I am not saying you that should be able to fit two sizes 1 module in a size 2 bay. Not all things are the same size or...
  2. Lateralus

    [Suggestion] Some new ship configuration ideas

    As we are still missing some classic Elite ship models, I thought I'd suggest their potential base configurations: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gecko [Small | Fast Multipurpose | Hull tank | Zorgon...
  3. Sylveria

    Frontier, it's time you balanced ALL ships and internals- Size/Mass.

    Title says it all. Enough of the "handwavium reasons", if a ship is of appropriate size/mass, you should be able to slot the appropriate amount of internals- or equip modules that fit into those internal slots. There are ridiculous disparities between a lot of the ships because "reasons", and...
  4. BarberousMeow

    Ships best station to buy ships and internals

    TWO QUESTIONS: 1. What is the best place to buy ships? cheapest and with the highest variety? 2. Same question but with internals [up]
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