1. M. Volgrand

    Thargoid Data Gathering Effort: We need your help!

    Alright, let's do some field research, commanders. Actual situation: The Thargoids are advancing into the bubble. Their objectives are unclear. Proof: Have you been living under a rock? Active attacks towards stations, EAGLE outposts signal systems that may be soon attacked. Proposed...
  2. Steaks McBeard!

    What's the best peripheral setup for Elite: Dangerous?

    Hey guys! Completely new to Elite: Dangerous, but from what I've been watching over the past month or so, I'm 110% behind this game! Anyways, so far I've ordered the Thrustermaster's H.O.T.A.S Warthog and throttle, which will be my first flight sim stick and was hoping you guys might be able...
  3. Dumar

    Deutscher Elite: Dangerous TeamSpeak Server

    Hi Folks, damit wir uns demnächst nicht gegenseitig aus den einzelnen Instanzen ausperren, möchte ich zumindest der deutschsprachigen Elite: Dangerous Community einen Teamspeak 3 Server mit 100 Slots zur Verfügung stellen. So lässt sich vielleicht das eine oder andere Missverständnis klären...
  4. Darkminded

    Elite Dangerous Portuguese Community Thread

    Uma Comunidade em Português para os Apaixonados deste jogo que tanto está a dar que falar. O Lema desta comunidade é entre ajuda para que todos possam evoluir o melhor possivel dentro do jogo, e quem sabe mesmo formar uma Aliança de Lingua Portuguesa !
  5. T. James

    Fiction An Official Elite: Dangerous novel, by T. James. "Out of the Darkness".

    For anyone who doesn't know, I'm T. James (a.k.a. "TJ"), and I'm another of the official writers penning a book-of-the-game for Elite: Dangerous. My working title is Out of the Darkness, but I can't tell you much about it at this stage as I'm still in the process of fleshing out ideas with the...
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