1. Linceo

    Vuelta de los clásicos: Isinona

    No juego hace meses pero no quiere decir que no siga la evolución del ED. Un clásico de vuelta.
  2. M

    Immersive Comms (Flight Assist Off)

    u/an_angry_gippo (on reddit) posted a great concept of radio chatter in a conflict zone that really adds to the sense of immersion. This inspired me to share an inside look into the highly professional comms chatter between members of the Screaming Eagles during a recent wing fight... Link to...
  3. M

    PvP Letter of Marque - Powerplay Mercenary Work (Flight Assist Off)

    Not long ago, the Screaming Eagles were offered a "Letter of Marque" from an Imperial group to get involved in a bit of Powerplay activity. Tonight, we took our first engagement as I joined two of their members for a fun skirmish in the Miroman system. Great fight to pilots on all sides. o7...
  4. M

    A Hypnotic Twilight (Flight Assist Off)

    After a few months away from the game, I decide that the best way to knock off the rust is with some canyon flying, FAO, external camera action. This approach was only somewhat effective... but made for a relaxing flight either way. Apologies for the few random "signal loss" faded camera...
  5. A

    Community Event / Creation [GER/DE] YouTube-Channel für Elite: Dangerous und andere Space-Games

    Schönen guten Tag! Für den deutschsprachigen Teil der Community betreibe ich auf YouTube unter "angryBOT" einen Channel, der sich hauptsächlich mit Space-Games befasst. Da Elite: Dangerous aktuell einer der wichtigsten Vertreter dieses Genres ist, habe ich vor ein paar Tagen auch das erste...
  6. M

    German Community Thread

    Leider kann ich nur schlecht englisch und wollte einmal fragen, ob das Spiel auch auf Deutsch auf den Markt kommt. Unfortunately, I can only bad English and wanted to ask if the game is in German on the market again. Have a nice Day See Other German Community Members Here!
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