1. Aria de Maria Guillen

    Hyperspace graphic

    After my first journey out of the bubble, I realised the star backgrounds changed according to where you are in the galaxy. Cool. But I was wondering if the hyperspace graphic sequence actually showed the stars you're passing by on the way to your destination system? I've been watching the...
  2. ebbrell

    General Carrier Deck view

    hi like this idea, we should have a similar but different view of the carrier jump. the jump drive technology is different so fdev could make up another view from the inside of the jump. this is a great example of a view in normal space, then jump and existing the jump, i found it on...
  3. Daniel Klimchuk

    Get a Megaship Flight Plan?

    Is it possible to get a flight plan of a megaship (the systems it travels between after every tick)?
  4. D

    Attempting to hitch a Fleet Carrier hyperspace jump

    As a programmer I perfectly well understood in advance, that this would not actually pull my ship along with the jump, since, from a programming perspective all that happens is, that an animation is played, the carrier moves and then the model is removed from the list of things being drawn. But...
  5. Bionic Bytes

    Carrier jump - or not!

    Anyone else get stuck inside the carrier after it "jumped" ? Firstly, I saw no animation for the jump. Subsequently, I'm in a cool down period and I can't leave the hangar bay. Is this right? Surely we should be allowed to leave a look for fuel, etc following a jump.
  6. Badmiker

    Draw back the curtains?

    I would like to suggest that the ‘high wake’ jumping animation is revised. The galaxy of Elite is just quite incredible; to be able to go and explore a 1:1, astrophysically accurate simulation of the Milky Way is amazing. The number of screenshots and shared stories created by Cmdrs shows just...
  7. S

    jump to second star

    On the galaxy map i selected LFT 992 but arrive at second star in this sistem (gliese 507 B) how is that possible ? cca 6-7 minutes with 50 void opals in cargo was able to escape 3 interdictions ... hell of a ride o_O
  8. D

    Need to jump 36 ly using Cobra Mk III

    I was hunting bounties in Jalabon when I accidentally shot the wrong ship (earning a bounty on me), eventually took aggro and was shot down. I was able to rebuy in the station I was carted off to (The Sepuchre), but can't make the trip back to Jalabon since every time I try to plot a route, it's...
  9. Ghost Giraffe

    Mass Jump compilation with original Elite song sung by CMDR ToCoSo's 12yr old daughter

    With the help of around 20 CMDRs we have tons of mass jump footage for this awesome song by CMDR ToCoSo! https://youtu.be/Y8A3qsSi_Yc
  10. J

    Add possibility to land on a system directly to a specific star, nearest to destination station

    Some trading is a waste of time. Sometime happens that I reach a system, and the target station orbits around another star far, far away from the one next to me. Since I don't see any reason for the interstellar jump to arrive always at the same star in the same system, I'd like to have...
  11. CMDR Ewa


    Hi people I want an HYPERCRUISE, please.... When we travel across the galaxy reaching far destinations, we have to jump, and jump and jump and rejump to stars again and again an then again [zZzZz] . I really love to explore the galaxy and i love to apprehend its vertiginous vastness before...
  12. Dash

    Make NavBeacons mean something

    In 1984 you'd make a hyperspace jump and if you chose your system poorly (well?) you'd be instantly in the sights of waiting pirates, looking to make a quick buck off traders. Id ED, you jump to any system you like without thought, the only risk is you get a bit of a bite from a neutron star or...
  13. W

    Connection disconnects often whilst jumping in Mamba

    Maybe it’s just me but as of right now it seems like while jumping into another system with a mamba there is a tendency to disconnect. Anyone else experience this?
  14. NewkTV

    [GFI] : Cone Sector Perimeter Sucess!

    As head of The Gnosis: Forgotten Initiative, I had the opportunity to fully map the closest systems to the perimeter of the permit locked zone. Thus, establishing the fence. Knowledge of this sector will greatly improve the quality of transportation. Please see the findings report and images...
  15. Xavi Mendoza

    Newcomer / Intro Super Corvette?

    I was trying some build with Guardian FSD Booster on Coriolis and realized that it makes a heavy combat Corvette with 26.21 LY jump range and 105.19 LY total range. Is it really possible? I mean, is it possible to remove vette's only drawback and make a dream ship with only one module? :O Build...
  16. LuxAeterna

    [Forum Suggestion]Jump to or filter for Dev/Mod Comment

    I was wondering if there's a way to implement a jump to or filter for dev/mod comments in the forum threads they post in or in general? I don't mind reading through the threads but sometimes I'd like a way to jump to or filter for dev/mod comments. Most of the time the devs/mods would've...
  17. F

    A new way to travel

    I have a suggestion when it comes to faster than light travel. I hear a lot of bashing around current jump ranges from players when playing in a wing and I would like to make a suggestion for something that I believe would be an amazing addition to the game. My suggestion would be centred...
  18. CMDR ARGHouse

    Re-outfit stations with Emergency FSD drives

    So with the current Thargoid incursion into the bubble and whatever other armageddon FDev has planned for the future I have a proposal: Outfit stations with an Emergency FSD drive. I am aware that stations such as Orbis and Ocelus are deployed via an FSD at the back, then the FSD is replaced...
  19. H

    Long Distance Passenger Mission - Can't Make Final Jump

    ED has deliberately given me a passenger mission > 1,000 light years away which needs a ship with a bigger jump distance. I'm one star away from the target and have just realised its nearest neighbouring star is 30 light years away from it and my ship only has a jump distance of 25 light years...
  20. Gromit_


    I think that all FSD ranges should be doubled, reason is in most ships when armed jump range drops to 20ly, and if exploring in an ASP would be able to get 80ly. I spent 2 of my nights jumping to travel the 5000ly for engineer unlock, I work in the daytime, I would explore more if it wasn't so...
  21. B


    So I've been playing this On and off for a while and have accrued only about 22 million, any tips on making more cash would be appreciated. That aside I've been looking at passenger missions and some of these missions are really far away with quite an unreasonable distance of over 22 thousand...
  22. n13L5

    The ONE reason I don't enjoy exploration... :(

    There's really only one thing that prevents me from being a major explorer around the stars in Elite.. - The hyper-jump animation is so disgusting and ugly. It looks like enveloping space and its stars is something monstrous, sticky and satanic. You are hurled forward into parts of...
  23. Nat

    SRV Geyser jump, how high have you gone?

    I just wondered what the highest jump in an SRV was using a geyser? I did a recording of my jump, which I event managed to land from over 19km up! https://www.twitch.tv/videos/209426599
  24. M

    Jump range manipulation request

    Currently you have only 2 options when plotting a course as far as normal jump range is concerned. Quickest and economical. Inside quickest route you can make a small difference by using the sliding scale based on the cargo space. However, if you are out exploring, and have zero or minimal cargo...
  25. Justinian Octavius

    Pin System to Navigation (Left) Panel System List

    I find I visit a couple of systems regularly so it would be really handy if I could pick a system or two from the Galaxy Map & 'pin' them to the Systems list on the Navigation Panel, clicking on them generates the route from where ever I am. Neowave
  26. ebbrell

    federal corvette jump range

    I have mentioned the range before when i wanted a corvette. since i have managed to buy one. This is when it gets silly. i bought one in LHS 28 to get 15% discount, but the default equipment and jump range is so low i couldn't jump out of the system in a direction i wanted. i ended up...
  27. N

    Have Optional Fuel Tanks increase Jump Range by boosting max fuel per jump

    I have been playing only for a few months, so I apologize in advance if this isn't a new idea for the veterans here. One thing I noticed in the game, is how some things like some ships (#freekeely) or components seem to miss their purpose. Optional Internal Fuel Tanks (and to some extent...
  28. psyron

    General / Off-Topic False-Flag-Operations within ED?

    Should "False-Flag-Operations"/"False-Flag-Terrorism" be allowed/possible/exist within Elite Dangerous as part of the story line or within special missions? First, what is a "False-Flag-Operation"? A "False-Flag-Operation" is an operation planed by a government/group in which an attack on the...
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