jurassic park

  1. Gh0st_627

    Jurassic Legacy Screenshots

    So last month, I started a little project for a FB group I'm a member in where I recreated scenes from the Jurassic movies. Jurassic Park
  2. T

    Slideshow of jurrasic world evolution Capture mode ENJOY https://youtu.be/zi6jyLW1s8I

    Hoping to do more but here is my first ever slide show of Jurassic world Evolution from capture mode video is on youtube link here : Source: https://youtu.be/zi6jyLW1s8I
  3. D

    Jurassic Park DLC idea

    Idk if I’m allowed to post this here or whatever but this is something I think we ALL want to see! The idea I had was a Dr Malcolm DLC based on the previous event during the construction of Jurassic Park. But it not following the story of the Park failing etc. So pretty much a reskin of the...
  4. Toastmas

    Jurassic World Evolution: Park Recreation (1993 DLC) Official trailer!

  5. Toastmas

    Dinosaurs Jurassic World Evolution: Park Recreation DLC Concept I Dinosaur improvements

    (The following Content is for fun and Concepts so its not real) Hello there, Park Managers! Our DLC will be with us soon. Thats why we wanted to share some more details of some of the features you can look forward to in this DLC. In this Post we’re going to be looking at some of the...
  6. Toastmas

    Buildings & Attractions Jurassic World Evolution: Park Recreation DLC Concept l Decorations

    Greetings Park Managers! After the announce yesterday of Jurassic World Evolution: Park Recreation. We're already showing one of the Features that will be included in the DLC. The DLC includes a number a decorations, such as our main feature of today the Jurassic Park Gate. It also includes a...
  7. Toastmas

    Jurassic World Evolution: Park Recreation DLC

    Greetings Park Managers, We're excited to share a brand new DLC (Park Recreation) that is coming to Jurassic World Evolution. The DLC is based around the 1993 Jurassic Park as requested by the community! The DLC will contain Iconic Features from the films. We'll be sharing more details with you...
  8. xelono

    General Gameplay JP'93 (and Site-B'97-2001) Buildings Pack DLC

    Your Feature Request / Idea Ford Explorer Tour, Visitor Center, Fences, Gates, Hatchery. Laboratory from Site-B, Visitor Center from Site-B, Aviary, Skins for iconics dinosaurs from the franchise. It has been a year since I made this request, all the rumors seem to be true, let's make this...
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