jurassic world evolution

  1. Jay070490

    Jurassic World: Evolution (Still In Development?)

    Hi All, Got to say, I love this game. I got all the DLC and such and just find it pretty chill out type of game really, plus Dinosaurs! who doesn't like some sort of prehistoric life xD Anyway, I just wanted to know if anyone was able to shed some light on whether they are actually still...
  2. Anupam primeYT

    Dinosaurs Buildings & Attractions General Gameplay 🔥Most Requested Things and Cool Ideas!!🔥

    So I Just Bought Jurassic world evolution and After Playing for a Long Time I Can Easily Say it was Worth the Money but there are many things that should be Improved or Added in order to Make the Game even more insane!! [Edit #1 I removed the controllable dinos and Added something else!!] So...
  3. Mjmannella

    Only 1 Greenhouse Available on the Return to Jurassic Park Maps

    The Sandbox mode version of the 1993 maps only allow one greenhouse to be placed, as opposed to allowing multiple like every other map. This serious limits creative freedom on one of the best maps in the game, and should really be fixed. More information in my issue report submission.
  4. Mjmannella

    Allow the New Raptor/Rex Animations to apply to all Small and Large Carnivores

    If you're gonna go in with this, you better go big. I want Spinosaurus killing Proceratosaurus, Acrocanthosaurus killing Deinonychus, Indominus rex killing Herrerasaurus, and any other combination. Please Apply this new change to all large and small carnivores.
  5. Mjmannella

    Taxonomy Correction

    During the DLC livestream, I noticed a particular taxonomic error in the UI. Frontier UI devs, Pteranodon is not a dinosaur; pterosaurs are separate groups of reptiles from dinosaurs. To add to this: Muttaburrasaurus has been called a Hadrosaur for over a year and a half now, with no signs of...
  6. Mjmannella

    Restrooms Have Been in the Game since Day 1, and Seem to have been Ignored with the New Update

    These are images of restroom apart of the viewing gallery. The sign is difficult to see (low quality texture), but the top labelling says "RESTROOM", with an accompanying restroom symbol (also seem tat the top). Unfortunately, this restroom has went completely unmentioned in today's feature...
  7. Mjmannella

    Unpopular Opinion: I Hate the Fact the Rangers are Destructable now

    I genuinely enjoyed being able to manage my park duties in peace without having to worry about the food refiller not busting on me. Now I do, and I'm going to hate it. I hope it's only limited to certain vehicles, and not a universal change.
  8. Raischenzo

    Thanks again Frontier!

    I know I'm late in saying this but with the recent herbivore pack we now have all 25 original dinos from Operation Genesis. To commemorate said event i constructed a JPOG Park of sorts. I hope you all enjoy the video Link to video: Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Tiwqe06wQ4
  9. S

    New dinosaurs Suggest in Jurassic world evolution

    Hello there, My name is Max, i'm newcomer, and i'm very likes about dinosaurs game like jurassic world evolution, there is so many dinosaur's species in this game but there is some not exist in this game. for that i have a suggest for a new species in this game like : Pachyrhinosaurus...
  10. The8-BitFlower

    General Gameplay Improvements to Sandbox Mode.

    As you know, in the 1.10 update we got sandbox on every island. While it's great, it needs a few more things to improve it. I suggest: InGen Database Being able to access the expedition map (I know its unneeded, but I would like to see the different dig sites.) Every Ranger skin being unlocked...
  11. Mister Toad

    Challenge mode "how to" (jurassic difficulty) - Mr. Toad's Way

    Hi! So I find, that a lot of people on forums and FB still have problems with J. difficulty. To be honest, I have no idea why, I have beaten it three times already without a problem and I am up to next ones as fast as I find some more hours during my average day ;) If there is something like it...
  12. NiccoloDG

    A glimpse of a Jurassic World

    a thread of Photos I took while playing on Capture mode, I hope you guys enjoy viewing!
  13. Raischenzo

    The JPOG Challenge Mode

    Ok guys I have here a fun challenge for challenge mode. This us for those who want to try something new using what frontier developments have given us this far. These rules were set up by my friend and fellow Youtuber The Knight of Green. Hope you guys try it out and have fun!
  14. T

    Slideshow of jurrasic world evolution Capture mode ENJOY https://youtu.be/zi6jyLW1s8I

    Hoping to do more but here is my first ever slide show of Jurassic world Evolution from capture mode video is on youtube link here : Source: https://youtu.be/zi6jyLW1s8I
  15. GrimJason_Official

    Keyboard and mouse support for console

    it would be nice to be able to use mouse and keyboard in this game like in surviving mars. Its the main reason i dont play JWE that much
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