1. D

    Jurassic Park DLC idea

    Idk if I’m allowed to post this here or whatever but this is something I think we ALL want to see! The idea I had was a Dr Malcolm DLC based on the previous event during the construction of Jurassic Park. But it not following the story of the Park failing etc. So pretty much a reskin of the...
  2. Velocity

    My Dream 3 Dinos

    My Dream 3 Dinosaurs (I Would Scream If They Get In) Amargasaurus- Could be A Unique Sauropod That Can Fight Back With Neck Spines (Even Though I Would Prefer It To Be The Sailed Version) Concavenator- The Jurassic World Alive Skin Is God Tier On How Good It Looks And Could Have Beautiful...
  3. rickreptile

    contracts about dinosaurs fighting

    I rarely complain about something in a game that hasn't been released but this is something i cannot ignore. Personally i find the contracts that demand that the dinosaurs fight each other are just cruel and it's plain and simple animal abuse. it's pretty much the same as those illegal rooster...
  4. Cyrannian

    Jurassic World Evolution Wiki

    Hey guys, I started up a collaborative wiki dedicated to Evolution last week. At the moment, we have articles for each of the dinosaurs confirmed to be in-game, as well as each island. It's still very much a work in progress, but I think it could be a great resource for the community if anyone...
  5. G

    Jurassic World animals of Isla Nublar

    in the the game of Jurassic world evolution Animals living on the island like goats, Pigs, cows were used to lure the carnivores out but living on the island they could adapt and evolved to survive as their animals on Isla Nublar like tropical birds, snakes, small reptiles like snakes were...
  6. P

    Wll the game run smoohtly with 6 GB RAM?

    Hello It says that 8GB RAM is a minimum requirement to run the game but do you guys think 6GB will do the trick? Thank you
  7. T

    Aviary and mosasaurus paddock in JW Evolution?

    Hello there! Im new here so I'll try to post as good as I can express my doubt :p I have a question about the Jurassic World islands that are able in this new and amazing game. The question ir related whit the main title theme, are we going to be able to build the Aviary from the first Jurassic...
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