1. D

    from japan

    誤ってここに書いた 私'm so sorry
  2. D

    Jurassic Park DLC idea

    Idk if I’m allowed to post this here or whatever but this is something I think we ALL want to see! The idea I had was a Dr Malcolm DLC based on the previous event during the construction of Jurassic Park. But it not following the story of the Park failing etc. So pretty much a reskin of the...
  3. Mjmannella

    Please Make Muttaburrasaurus an Iguanodont

    It's saddening to see that this highly underloved dinosaur has been wrongly identified for over a year now. Please correct this taxonomic error!
  4. Pixelated Sparkster

    My experience of the game over time

    In two months time, the game would be 1 year old, so it is crazy that I am still coming back to the game after all this time. I saw the most recent live stream that is showcasing update 1.7 and the new carnivore pack, and I was inspired by Chanté and James to put in my thoughts into the forums...
  5. Nicou

    Read First Discussions Jurassic World Evolution

    Bienvenue sur les forums officiels Jurassic World Evolution francophones ! Les Sujets de Discussions Jurassic World Evolution vous permettent de discuter du jeu, de demander de l'aide, de poster vos retours et suggestions pour le jeu en français. Notez que ces forums francophones ne sont pas...
  6. B

    General Gameplay Lost World Mode

    Alot of people have been making requests for dinosaurs to reproduce and make babies but that also might affect the population requirements of the other dinosaurs. And so I'm proposing the creation of a new mode called Lost World Mode. In Lost World Mode, you incubate and release a group of...
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