1. CMDR Cosmic Spacehead

    Going Exploring...

    Things are somewhat quiet in my squadron of late, so I'm tempted to get my biannual exploration trip in before anything particularly exciting happens. I'll be flying my usual exploration Krait Phantom, she'll be fully kitted, with a 50ly range, and the full 591m/s top speed, simply because...
  2. T

    Ships Krait Krait MK II Combat Hybrid Build Guide

    Hey guys! I'm here today with my Krait MK II that I use as my main pvp ship. This video has a build Guide tutorial and what I have used to make the ship. You can also find on my channel fights that I have had in it also. It leans more on 1v1 and small wing fights. I hope you all enjoy the video...
  3. T

    [PVP] Gunship vs Krait MK II - Close Encounters of the Krait Kind

    Source: Source: Challenged CMDR MTPoket to a 1v1. The Krait MK II has a reputation of being one of the strongest 1v1 ships in the game right now. With it's excellent balance of firepower and defenses, the Krait is one mean beast. MT did not disappoint! Is the...
  4. Yamiks

    [Video] Python vs Krait mk2 vs Krait Phantom

  5. R

    Krait Phantom needs bit of love

    Hey there folks, I would like to hear some opinions on what I think if some people feel the same. Krait MK. II has one extra large hard point, same as python, SLF over phantom and python, and has one more class 6 optional over phantom and phantom has 2 class 6 optional less compared to python...
  6. Nerwan

    The Krait Phantom has now replaced the Asp Explorer as general run-around

    I always used to have a build of the Asp that had a big jump range but was also armed. It was my multi-purpose mission ship which was used for generally running around the bubble. However, the the new Krait is amazing, I've just managed to build one that: 1. Is fully armed with size 3 double...
  7. T

    Ships Krait Phantom Exploration Build Guide

    Hey guys I'm here with the new Krait Phantom. This is a good round ship pretty much like the MK II but lighter. This ship has a 65 ly jump range fully outfitted. I hope you guys enjoyed the video! Please tell me down below what you think of the Phantom in the youtube video! :) Ship link...
  8. Yamiks

    [video] Krait Phantom "Review"

    VIDEO LINK HERE! Massive thanks to Vindicator Jones for the help on this one!
  9. CMDR Plexus Ironrot

    PvP Questions On the Kraits.. Mostly the Phantom

    I am just now using them for PVP..I am really liking the phantom. However I don't quite see where this ships will perform at their respective peaks. I find getting the right balance of resistances and raw MJ's hard on these ships without having massive recharge times and what feels like to me...
  10. Morbad

    Could use some help assessing sites for a potential event

    Alright, so I'd like to organize a small canyon death-race event featuring the new Mamba and Krait Phanom ships for the last few days of the Beta, but I'm having difficulty scouting enough potential sites on my own. Ideally, I'd want a canyon that meets the following criteria: - Near the...
  11. Kaocraft

    Compliments on the Phantom

    People are mostly amped up about the new Mamba ship, and rightfully so, but I do want to express my appreciation and recognition of the work that went into the Krait Phantom. This could easily have been an "also ran" cut/paste job, and it isn't. The Phantom has a distinct look and identity all...
  12. Jimbodiah

    Ships Krait: "I'm lovin' it!"

    Bought the Krait because it looked cool. No idea how big it was, looked like an Asp-ish size. Didn't spend any time on it until I unlocked the Gaurdian FSD booster yesterday and was trying it out on all sort of ships. Outfitted my Krait with engineered modules and am now jumping around the...
  13. NotNomad

    Ships Rares map on Krait rear console?

    Noticed a small detail on the rear console in the Krait II bridge. A rares trading route perhaps? The original map by CMDR Gid.
  14. Factabulous

    New Krait Paintjobs: Horus Paint Pack Not sure they'll convince me to buy - c'mon FD - golden, chromed, black ;)
  15. Xavi Mendoza

    Newcomer / Intro Current meta PVP ship?

    What is the current meta PVP ship? Is the FDL still leader or new Krait changed something? (Planning to use PAs)
  16. stardestroyer

    Suggestion accepted for a build

    Here's a Guardian fitted Krait Mk. II. Thinking to hunt some bugs. No problem so far with scouts. Plasma are large but Coriolis still don't heve them in the list. Also power distributor is the hightest guardian one but do not save it.. Any suggestion or constructive criticism is welcome...
  17. T

    Krait MK II Combat Build Guide!

    Hey guys I'm here today with another one of my ship builds and it's one of my favorite ships the Krait MK II! I do love this ship for pvp and pve. I have more content for this ship in future videos! There are videos of me using this ship in pvp as well. I hope you all enjoy the video and please...
  18. Night Parrot


    Is it just me or does anyone else hear a “Hello” in their left ear at the start of the boost sound? Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of the Krait Mk2, but that little “Hello” every time I boost is really annoying… If I knew how to snip that little bit from the start of the boost sound I...
  19. T

    Krait MK II Exploring Build Guide

    Hey guys, I made an exploring Krait MK II and wanted to share to you all my build. I've went to Sag A and Colonia in it. I've had a lot of fun in personally. My Jump range on it is 57.24 ly and neutron star makes it go up to 230 ly. Please tell me what you think of the video and ship in the...
  20. Alul1m

    New to exploration - Ship suggestion plz

    Recently back to the game after awhile, been doing trade / passenger runs. Looking to up explorer rank ... was thinking of using a Krait. No engineers avail, starting with Felicity thus the need for exploration rank. Links to any un-engineered krait builds or other suggestions would be...
  21. n13L5

    "Have you had the chance to bag yourself a Krait Mk II or a Challenger yet?"

    ( Headline quoted from the newsletter ) No, is there a reason I should? Krait is the same as a Python with unsightly blocky looks that remind me of Lego. And both my Python's are already engineered - so, there seems to be very little point in new ships that merely mimic existing ships in...
  22. Taomyn

    Make the Krait Mk1 an SLF for the Mk2?

    Just a thought, but I think it could be cool to make the Krait Mk1 a ship launched fighter for Krait Mk2
  23. B

    Krait really is a fun ship to fly

    Hats off to FDev for releasing a really fun ship. I usually fly the corvette into Haz rez and farm bounties for fun. I have tried other ships but the corvette is just great to fly where as others are too weak (or most likely I'm not that good). I bought a Krait, A grade modules fully engineered...
  24. M

    Remove wires on Conda and Krait

    I don't see anyone loving them. The argument is pretty simple and more or less unanimously used... How is it that any decent ship manufacturer can sell these ships and leave all the wires hanging out? No one would buy a new car without an interior, it's the same basic argument. There's no...
  25. T


    So awesome. Class A drives and only level 3 engineered them (clean drives) 328 normal speed and 450 boost. Makes ship trim a little more manuverable. One hell of a combat ship. Smoked two anacondas, however I was using one Guardian Gauss cannon right side medium hard point. What is everyone...
  26. Nova Viper Dwagon

    Krait To Beagle

    Stop the clock!, its been 16h and 30mins, And I just touched down at beagle 2, and boy has it been a hell of a trip Spent 1h in drydock engineering some modules and then 15h trip to beagle passing by Sag A* half way where I meet my friend "Rodney McKay" Who almost boosted into me with a...
  27. H

    Ships wher can i buy the new ships? krait mk 2 and challenger?

    can some one tell me where the new ships are? thank you
  28. DMC831

    The Krait is amazing-- Please reinstate better smuggling missions to honour it!

    First of all, hats off to the designers of the Krait. It's like you took all of my favourite elements of design and functionality from my most-used ships and put it all into one. It's perfect! However, we now have a ship great for smuggling, but there's (literally) zero good smuggling...
  29. B

    Krait Stats from the Livestream

    For anyone who can't be bothered to watch the Livestream. Faulcon DeLacy Krait Cost: 40,000,000 - 45,000,000 CR Stock top speed: 245 m/s Boosted top speed: 337 m/s (roughly 370 A-Rated) Jump Range: 8.99LY unladen (stock) (About 18LY A-Rated) Base Integrity: 396 Mass: 668.6 / 750 / 1440...
  30. Serenity03

    Ships Cobra MKIV availability and the New Krait and Panther Clipper.

    This is for the wonderful people over at Frontier Development. I was wondering what it would take to get the Cobra MK IV made available to all players now. I only discovered and started playing this game 6 months ago and fell in love with it. I now own 98 ships all scattered around the bubble...
  31. Perfect Dark

    Ships "New" ship: The Krait ---> Expectations?

    While it is common knowledge that the Krait is a an obsolete antique in Elite, I am still looking forward to its release as part of the Q1 2018 update (or so we hope!). I would like to use this opportunity to ask everyone's input on how they would like this ship should to be configured for the...
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