1. P

    Destryoing a Genarator

    Hey, I just accepted a misson with the misson goal to destroy a genarator in a system. So I flew to this system and just noticed that the Ground station where I have to destroy this genarator not appears on the system map. I have checked that I am in the right system and if this station really...
  2. A

    When you add atmospheric landings, don’t make all planets landable at once.

    There’s no conceivable way you (or any other developer) would be able to create the sheer amount of diversity necessary to make each/most/many worlds feel unique and special. Worlds which feature non-Earth life are the biggest problem here; it would take an enormous amount of man-hours to create...
  3. LoyalOrange503

    Moon - When Will it be landable?

    okay, so i already posted here a bit over a year ago. i just saw the movie 'First man' and i started to ask myself again, 'why is the moon still not landable?' so, i get that i'm a massive fan of the moon and i would love to see the historical sites. i understand that's not FDev's primairy...
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