1. Moro_Wolf

    Ship-Launched Fighters Landing ?

    I was thinking about that and I didn't saw anyone having mentionned it before... But since we can jump in and out of our SRV's, why not do the same with ship-launched fighters, while adding the possibility of landing on planet n' stuff ? It would be a good way to go on some outpost without...
  2. E

    Partially Unresponsive Controls During Planetary Landing

    Hello, I have experienced a strange behavior during approach for an on-foot mission. Since it would be my first mission on-foot (not for landing per se), I wanted to check out the site first with a fly-by first. However, my ship started to fall down like Serenity ship entering the atmosphere if...
  3. J

    Ground landing

    I know this may seem confrontational, but seriously, I hate landing on ground targets. Because if I don't enter at the right point, I'll have to spend an hour circumnavigating a small moon to land. I have a frame ship drive that can cross light years, but it takes an hour just to go from one...
  4. N

    Advanced Planetary Landing Suite

    So the idea of automated planetary landing is nothing new, but I have to say I’m surprised it’s not already a thing based on one small tidbit. The ships already CAN land themselves on planets. You can dismiss and recall your ship at anytime while in an SRV on the surface. Given this, why can we...
  5. Daniel Klimchuk

    General Highlight Terrain Suitable for Landing and add Autolanding

    Trying to land a large ship on some planets can be very difficult and time consuming. It would be very handy if all ships would indicate areas on the surface that are suitable for landing when the landing gear is deployed. Additionally, it would be nice to to have the ability to "autoland"...
  6. P

    Do not turn around ship on vertical landing/takeoff stations

    Rotating the ship makes perfect sense for mail-slot stations. Doing so for outposts or others where you land and take off vertically makes no sense. Already there's no ship turn-around on carriers - I think this would be fantastic everywhere else where it's not required. It's actually less...
  7. CMDR Texas Stu

    Please reinstate outbound (NPC) traffic when inbound (for landing)

    At Coriolis' and Orbis' there is no outbound traffic when landing but there is inbound traffic when taking off (departing a station). Can this be fixed? Also, if you are into fixing things, why not invert the WELCOME outside station so when you are entering (with greens on the right) the...
  8. G

    Additional info on planetary installation landing zones

    Trying to figure out which landing zone I'm supposed to use when landing at a surface installation is something of a challenge, especially when teetering around in an Imperial Cutter & trying not to crater due to a high-g location. :D I was thinking it'd be helpful to include a colored...
  9. I

    Magnetic docking

    Let us magnetize our landing gear. This would let us land on all kinds of cool things, like megaships, the sides of stations, and grapple other ships. Imagine hiding from a bigger ship hunting you by sticking your eagle to its hull. Imagine a few small ships clamping on to a bigger ship to...
  10. kration

    Docking/Landing macro

    I had an effective (if complicated) key sequence set up so that when I said "permission to dock" in VoiceAttack then the permission to land came up for both space stations and planets. After the update it no longer works. Are there any other key sequences/macros that now work?
  11. Be4st

    Landing Camera UI

    Quite simple really, when you deploy landing gear, a UI interface for camera views around your ship appears. This allows you to land with precision, navigate rough terrain a little better and also allows you to see all hazards around your ship that may hinder your landing/takeoff. I know ships...
  12. surfarer

    A way of making SLF's even more useful...

    I was thinking that on very Hi G landable planets it would be great if we could put our main ship in orbit and launch one of our fighters to land on the planet. Could this also be a premise for landable 'atmosphere' planets too??? Just an idea for interesting gameplay :)
  13. RealPuPpEt

    Do you think we will ever get something like this?

    As the title says, do you think if (and when) we will ever get something like in the video in Elite Dangerous?
  14. Daish

    SRV deployment

    Case in point we can get airlifted in areas like Guardian, Thargoid structures that sadly where badly designed so you cant land there.!!! (needs buffing asap frontier) But why can't our SRVs be air dropped seems pointless having one without the other.
  15. S

    Amosphic planetary landing and starport, with space legs possible.

    Dear, Frontier, Here is my idea about how you can accomplish both Starport Space Legs and Atmospheric Landing. First you claim that there is no purpose to space legs in the game, yet we get the SRV, why not just use the current technology from the Horizons, which would allow you to show how...
  16. Gaia Rai

    Community Event / Creation 'Elite Dangerous: GR' animated short... kind of

    I've been meaning to start an Elite Dangerous project for a while. We'll see if actually pans out into something more interesting. For now here's the teaser like thing I made.
  17. Serenity03

    Ships Why does the Type 7 require a Large Landing pad?

    I am sure this is a question that has been posed 1000 times before, but why does the Type 7 require a large landing pad? With dimensions of 82 x 56 x 25 meters, this makes it smaller in length and width than the Python. Granted the height is 25 meters but it's only 2 meters taller than the...
  18. PowerfulSlicer

    Moon landing

    Being able to land on the moon and mars with some real mapping would be cool.
  19. T

    [SUGGESTION] Change to ATC to give vectors for planetary bases

    A small change: "Ok, Commander, you are a go for Pad 'One' 'Two'" To: "Ok, Commander, you a a go for Pad 'One' 'Two', Approach on Vector 'Two' 'Four' 'Zero'" The second being the compass heading that, if you line your compass to heading 240, (example), that you will be lined up very close to...
  20. E

    Why to be careful around Planet Surface Stations :(

    So, long story short, I had my fully kitted out Conda, in it a fighter pilot who I "raised" from harmless to deadly (elite was approx 60% away), And met up with a few friends at a station, one of them landed on the ground, I started to horse around and suddenly... shields gone, anaconda clinging...
  21. Ranek Eisenkralle

    Guide / Tutorial Elite's built-in optical landing system explained

    I frequently noticed that people seem to be having significant problems with fitting the big ships through the mailslot and into a station. Hence I am going to share a neat feature I have been using for a long time to safely get several different big ships into a station. I tested this with the...
  22. Borko

    Docking for idiots like me

    Okay. Full disclosure, i have nothing against the DC and still use it for pure convenience. What is below is a way for fumbly pilots like me to treat it as a convenience instead of necessity. Using a Coriolis station as an example. -drop out of SC as usual. The slot is on the end with the...
  23. Z

    Landing on terrain fail

    Has landing on planets became harder? Seems like since the update even if the map shows the ground is flat you cannot land and you have to find very small spots where you can land. It does not make sense to me. If the ground is flat let me land. I have not been playing for a bit except for...
  24. S

    Please help with planetary landing missions?!?!

    Hi all, I hope I'm posting in the right area for this, I don't use forums in general much. I took out my first mission that involved landing on a planet and deploying the SRV. I had to scan something in a base. My friend told me that I had to disable gun turrets to get anywhere near the thing I...
  25. F

    Setting custom landing point

    Hi, my suggestion is to allow to set a custom landing point in the planetary view. It should be settable either by placing a pin on the planet hologram or by placing coordinates into dedicated fields. Once the landing point is set up, you could be able to land in the same way you land on a...
  26. F

    Asteroid Landing - Cool or Silly?

    Probably the least important suggestion of all time because more likely silly than actually useful but I think it be cool! Landing on an Asteroid! :D Now, I can't deny the inspiration comes straight out of Star Wars because of two very exceptional scenes from both Empire Strikes Back...
  27. Q

    PLS, answer me...

    Hi. I have one question... Because, for some reason you don't want to implement this thing since very beginning (despite few voices repeating from time to time) i don't want to ask you to implement it. Just answer me WHY? Why you don't want to make "holdable" lights and landing gears? This is...
  28. S

    Feature request - Planetary landing vertical thrust booster

    Hello Frontier, i just came up with a neat Idea. When you see any kind of real-life space landers they always fire a thruster just before landing to effectively decrease speed on touchdown. How about incorporating that into Elite? A higher grade Planetary Approach Suite, a more expensive and...
  29. RealPuPpEt

    So will 3.0 be Exploration expansion?

    What do you think? Now that aliens are in, we should have atmos landings next right?
  30. GabrielG.A.B.Fonseca

    Elite / Frontier FE2: Manual Controls for Y axis?

    Do we have the ability to manually control the "up" and "down" thrusters in the ship? For instance, for VTO/L operations? :S
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