1. J

    Ground landing

    I know this may seem confrontational, but seriously, I hate landing on ground targets. Because if I don't enter at the right point, I'll have to spend an hour circumnavigating a small moon to land. I have a frame ship drive that can cross light years, but it takes an hour just to go from one...
  2. Graabeerd

    Six Months Later......

    Since the beginning of this year 2019 (3305) when I downloaded and installed Elite Dangerous, a world of freshness and newness was opened up to me. sure those beginning hours I spent learning the various keybinds to making a graceful or not so graceful takeoffs and landings were nothing short of...
  3. aries_four

    Non-landable planets showing resources? A hint?

    So I'm sure a bunch of you have noticed that non-landable planets (water worlds, molten planets, gas giants) showing resources. This is making me think we may get the first atmospheric landings in 2019. I know its idle speculation, but this is promising!
  4. T

    The "Next Major Milestone" & "New Elite Era"?

    So what are your thoughts on that? What could that be? Legs or Atmospherics? My two cents on atmospherics. I do not know if all planets will be land-able, but only basic atmospherics will be disappointing and do not suffice to be called "Next Era". I have just seen a video with Lord Braben...
  5. Bier00t

    Ideas for new types of SRV

    - Mining SRV (with machinery that will allow you to scan for underground resources and then use mining lasers or put out small version of mining devices we see in the outposts sometimes) - Exploration SRV (with scanners to scan every type of surface feature we have or will have like structures...
  6. ZeroAi

    Is Atmospheric Landings a Major or Minor Feature?

    Over the years, many have posted comments like "Atmospheric Landings is the one feature I want the most," and "Atmospheric Landings will likely be a paid expansion all by itself." But sitting here on my lunch break, I'm struggling to see how clouds, turbulence, and rain/snow effects are a...
  7. dubsdj

    Atmo landings starting point suggestion.

    To get atmos landings started I would suggest water worlds with giant landable oil rigs. That way the complex terrain would be the water animations which has been done before very effectively on various games. I would love to see rain hitting the windshield when coming down to land. I know gas...
  8. kris44dad

    Let me enter latitude and longitude and have the HUD paint a target on the planet

    Make an interface to enter longitude and latitude and have the game paint a target reticle for the selected location, just as it does for bases, Etc.
  9. Bionic Bytes

    Why are these forums constantly asking for planetary landings?

    It seems to me that the forum is full of planetary landing hype which has never been once confirmed or even hinted at by FDev. I can't see why people seem to want it so very much. Yes it will undoubtedly look nice, but unless there's some actual game design around the concept then it's almost...
  10. T

    New Mission Type: Dust Off

    Another suggestion for a new mission type: Dust Off. The term "Dust Off" is normally used to refer to helicopter landings where the craft lands without shutting off it's engine so they can quickly pickup/drop off personnel and cargo. In this case the term refers to missions involving emergency...
  11. Giyari

    Exploration, variety, and adding some excitement to the wider galaxy.

    Exploration is fairly monotonous. Jump In > Honk/Scoop > Scan > Jump Out. Jump In > Honk/Scoop > Scan > Jump Out. So on and so forth. It lacks any real variety in tasks despite the huge variations available in ships, and with engineering, module set ups available to Commanders to perform tasks...
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