1. Hoff 07

    Anyone want the a trophy bobblehead? Join CRYS1S squadron and turn in exploration data before the season ends

    we are currently in 4th place we just need a little boost in data. 3rd place and up get a trophy bobblehead. There's 3 hours left in the season.
  2. Alerta Antifa

    A Dedicated PVP (consensual) Leaderboard(s).

    PVP...Pretty Very Pointless, no reason to bother, except for the added fun of going one to one with an actual human. But in game there are no real rewards. So, we have squadrons already, the coding is already there. So why not a dedicated, opt in, PVP leaderboard(s)? You opt in as a solo CMDR...
  3. D

    Leaderboards have been wiped with this patch

    The leaderboards (at least on PS4) have been completly wiped with this patch. The season is continuing with just 20 days left to go... but the score boards have been wiped, so all that competing and hard work is gone.
  4. Justinian Octavius

    Mining Commodity Price & Squadrons Powerplay Leaderboard Feedback

    The last tweaks to mother lode material sell prices on specific commodity markets is creating genuine wild west style gold rushes at a couple of ports & stations (~1.5M per ton). This is excellent and brings mining almost inline with the passenger lounge & mission board but requires skill & user...
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