1. G

    Caution, Considering, and Speculating Response to Leak Followers

    While it has been confirmed that the Clair DLC and the other broad stuff before it was real, everything else that hasn't been revealed from the 4Chan leaker must still be taken with caution, with a grain of salt in the most broadest way. I still see and sense some plausible fishy stuff in some...
  2. G

    Any current sequel plans question?

    I know some have comment about this subject on multiple threads, except it hasn't been straight forward questioned on the forums to make it more relevant until now that I would like some help with, as I did with a previous question of mine: Q: Are there any current plans for a sequel to...
  3. Orillian

    Ships New large ship type (LEAK!) the BOA

    Here is leaked pictures of the new large ship, an anaconda variant with more cargo, the Boa Front View: Side Views: In cockpit: On landing pad:
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