1. Pixelated Sparkster

    Dinosaurs General Gameplay Could we please have the option to use all dinosaurs in the JP era challenge mode?

    As is, we could only use 25 of the 68 dinosaurs & pteranodon in JP era challenge mode. Could we have the option to please use all the remaining dinosaurs in JP era challenge mode? Thank you!
  2. V

    Franchise, 30 Limit

    Hey there I have a big problem with the storage limit of 30 animals. It´s for a big zoo to less storage. I want to breed with my good animals, but it isn´t possible. At the moment I can´t buy more animals, because my storage is full. Is there any way to set the limit higher like 100 or more...
  3. Distantz

    Removing the TMTK 8m x 8m x 8m might rejuvenate the community, so why hasn't it been done yet?

    Hey all, personally I use TMTK a lot in making technical models for the community, yet am limited by this pointless volume limit in TMTK objects. I'd sincerely like to ask Frontier if this is a technical limitation or an intentional design choice. The last time a dev spoke about this issue on...
  4. Old Duck

    Fastest Eagle In The 'Verse

    So do I win a prize? That is one eight two seven for those who cannot see. I can go faster, just you wait! ps - despite the title, this actually has little to do with ships (please don't move to that subforum). I believe I could do the same in my Type-7 if I wanted!
  5. FJX2000

    More PS4 Save Files

    Hey everyone (but specifically DEVs), I have had Jurassic World Evolution since day one on the PS4. My excitement couldn't be contained when I got this game after growing up with JPOG being my favorite PS2 game of all time. It has been amazing to play such a great game and a true spiritual...
  6. M

    Request for more than 32 buttons (Virpil throttle)

    Is there any chance that an update would get rid of the DX6 limit of 32 buttons per controller? Having just received a Virpil throttle, this needs 48. More people are likely to hit this problem.
  7. M

    Elite Dangerous Launcher : Download speed choice

    Not sure how difficult this is, but for those of us on crappy internet connections, being able to limit the download speed (like certain torrent clients or Blizzard's can make the wait pass easier. It would also avoid arguments from CMDRs' children complaining that YouTube is...
  8. S

    Change bonus time limit on delivery missions

    BACKGROUND: When a player has a delivery mission and hyperspace jumps into the destination solar system, there is a random chance that the player will be offered an optional additional reward for delivering the cargo or data within a certain amount of time. This amount of time seems to be 2...
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