1. Mastadon623

    Livery request: Emoji Stickers and Bobbleheads

    One class of livery items I would love to buy in the store but can't are Emoji stickers and bobbleheads. I think these would add a lot of flair to both ship exteriors and dashboards and would allow CMDRs to "express themselves" better. Some emoji I would like to see are: :) :( :mad: :cool...
  2. R

    Split Up Carrier Layout

    The way carrier layouts currently work as single whole options is unfortunate, since most players are unlikely to be happy with every feature of a layout. For example I like the Nautilus' nose piece... but not its in-front-of-the-flight-deck bridge. So what about splitting the layouts into...
  3. Daniel Klimchuk

    Fleet Carrier Livery

    I've noticed that the Elite Dangerous Store website now has a Fleet Carrier Section - layouts, paintjobs, detailing and ATC. There's nothing there yet but interesting nonetheless, especially layouts and ATC.
  4. P

    Livery on the frontier site.

    Hello everyone I come here after being told by FD that it is better to type it down here instead of filing a ticket. So here it goes! Like many of you I like Elite. The thing is whenever I am able to devote the little time available I have for games I jump right into the game. I see a big...
  5. LynxAwakening

    A Complimentary Gift

    don’t know if this message is because i completed the new tutorial; is this message for real?
  6. Bravo Zulu Golf

    Newcomer / Intro Can't Set Ship ID Since Patch

    With the new changes to the UI and specifically the ship livery process, I can't find a way to change my ship ID any more. Just bought a Conda and want to get my usual callsign for Starcom, but can't find it now. Anyone know where it's gone?
  7. Drebin Omega

    (I was told you guys might appreciate this here...) my Hull Seals Ship Livery Concept

    Midnight black with white accents, Hull Seal decals and Halpy the seal motif! (Thanks to Qohen Leth for his amazing ship pack)
  8. Orbitalai

    The loading screen with red ship: Can we please get colors to see our liveries

    I think most of the time we dont use external camera. Allow us to enjoy our liveries which we paid for on the loading screen. Just drop the red shading on our rotating ship in the loading screen. Simple.
  9. Isaac_Aphelion

    Please add a silver / chrome paint job for the Krait Phantom

    The title speaks for itself, I'd really love a silver paint job for the Krait Phantom, because, you know.. The X-70B Phantom, from Star Wars. It would look so cool :) I'd buy it in an instant.
  10. [VR] Goooost

    Livery improvements

    Need the ability to change ship views in the livery, especially for the application of ship kits. Currently I have to apply a piece, exit the livery, return to the surface, enter free cam, and then determine that the piece doesn't look good. Please let one of the thumbsticks control rotation or...
  11. W

    Player faction decals!

    Please please please can we look into adding player faction decals to the livery? It should be fairly easy, there could be a page for submitting designs for review. I think this would be a small thing that goes a long way towards cementing the player involvement in the galactic story. If it's a...
  12. Serenity03

    Ships Cobra MKIV availability and the New Krait and Panther Clipper.

    This is for the wonderful people over at Frontier Development. I was wondering what it would take to get the Cobra MK IV made available to all players now. I only discovered and started playing this game 6 months ago and fell in love with it. I now own 98 ships all scattered around the bubble...
  13. Qohen Leth

    WHAAM! -- 100 Paintjob Concepts For Fun

    WHAAM! -- 118 Paintjob Concepts For Fun Hello. I was bored, so I made a few paintjobs. I know not all ships are represented. For one, preparing a ship takes between 5 and 10 hours; times 31 that's a lot of time. Secondly, part of the ships are variations on each others. This is mostly 2-tone...
  14. T

    [SUGGESTION] Livery color option, per ship HUD color options.

    Right now, if you want to change the hud color, you have to hack a game file. Many folks have asked for a HUD color option in game. Perhaps FDev doesn't want to touch the ship UI because it's "complicated". Here's an idea that would be better to skirt that with a cool side effect. We...
  15. O

    PLEASE Allow FED & EMPIRE Rank Insignias As Sticker Choices In LIVERY!

    Hello FDev, we worked hard for those Duke and Rear Admiral ranks. Please put stickers by rank in Livery for those who have earned them!! :cool: (plus it will spur other pilots to rank to wear the military stripes)
  16. CMDR Vic

    Weapon Detailing Customizable per Weapon/Weapon Type

    Greetings Fellow Commanders! This is just a tweak/modification to a cosmetic aspect of the game, more specifically the way we use Weapon Detailing. It would be much more favorable, in my opinion, to have the option to set every Hard-point on-board to an individual color of our choice. It...
  17. Justinian Octavius

    Ships should have more decal slots and custom decal layouts

    Would be cool if larger ships, such as Condas & Cutters had more decal slots as I've basically run out of places to stick the ones I want to have on my ship! Also, it would be fab if there was different layouts, eg if you just wanted your Cobra to be one giant flying decal then you could select...
  18. C

    Livery Editor

    First, apologies if this is a duplicate request. I've searched a bit but can't seem to narrow search by forum, so... Microsoft has developed a wonderful model for allowing players to create and exchange custom liveries within the Forza Motorsport/Horizons series' and it would be wonderful if we...
  19. SAI Warrior

    Unlockable Dashboard Livery Items

    Can we have 'special' in game unlockable dashboard items such as a Hutton Orbital mug you can place on your dashboard as a souvenir for going all the way to Hutton Orbital? Dashboard items don't always have to be bobbleheads. Other items could be added later. I'm sure there'll be plenty of...
  20. W

    Advanced Livery as a future purchasable item

    As title suggests, as a purchasable item, i would really like an Advanced Livery where i can move or rotate the Decals, re-colour any already purchasable paint-packs, etc. An example would be the pirate paints, i would be able to make the black bits yellow and the the skull decal chrome or black...
  21. RaSenche

    Can we get more Diverse Decal packs?

    Its been bugging me for a while that all my Favorite Decals are locked behind the Kickstarter backers. (Aspecially The Tiger Decal personally even if it isn't my favorite tiger pose) whilst it sucks i wasnt able to back at the time and personally wish id get another chance on some of them. I...
  22. Cosmo

    How are the Proximity Mines?

    How useful are the proximity mines? I haven't seen any NPCs use them yet.
  23. A

    Proposal Discussion Possibility of a Nemesis System

    Well, as most people have realised, what I thought would be a very nice addition would be a Nemesis system(essentially ripped off from Shadow of Mordor) for Elite. It would really make up for the low density of players in the universe if you had a nemesis who kept trying to hunt you down and...
  24. T

    Proposal Discussion NPC raming players ship

    Ok , so it's my first thread on this forum , so please don't judge me too much. First of all I'm enjoying Elite even at it's current stage and I understand that it's still a long time before this game will be released. Yet I wish this game to be as close as possible to being perfect as a game...
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