1. Chase Quinnell

    Ships Federal Corvette Recommend me a PvE Combat Corvette Loadout

    I am looking to kit out a PvE combat corvette. At the moment I have no engineering stuff unlocked but may do so in the near future. What are some good builds y'all recommend?
  2. Ca$hback

    All Loadouts Gone from Inara

    Forgive me if this has been discussed but I've spent an hour looking for any info on this and haven't found anything. All my ships' loadout data is "unknown" and there's no button to import the coriolis files. I haven't found a spot to put in the info anywhere. When I refresh the "edit ship"...
  3. Daniel Klimchuk

    So what PvP weapon loadout do they use nowadays?

    Greetings, As the title says, what is the most popular/effective weapon loadout people in open use nowadays? I have an Anaconda with one huge and two large beam lasers engineered to G5 efficiency and oversized experimental effect. In the remaining large, two medium and two small hardpoints I...
  4. T

    Ship Builds & Load Outs Corvette for PVE question

    Ok, first off, forgive me if I am in the wrong forum, if I am, please direct me to the proper one. I finally got my real admiral rank and I want to build a corvette, This build is what I came up with. Now, because play style comes into play with combat builds, first off, I am a p poor shot...
  5. Strangepork

    Best weapon/experimental effect combinations, for what?

    Hello cmdrs, I've been a beam lazer, multicannon bore for way too long. Could anyone help with more advanced weapon load outs, especially for fixed use on small, medium ships, or for gimballed large ship use as well. Could you describe when and where the weapon and effect is most useful...
  6. Xavi Mendoza

    Corvette Build Advice/Feedback

    Hi. I have just bought my Corvette after a loooooong grind and trying to start another one now (Engineering) :o But before that, I need to decide my builds. I have tried to make some with exp. effects for buff/debuff but need advice/feedback before to start run. Just one wish; trying to make...
  7. Xavi Mendoza

    Newcomer / Intro FDL vs Clipper for Combat (with numbers this time)

    I have read billions of "FDL vs Clipper" topics and everyone said "Clipper is a gorgeous cheap multipurpose ship but FDL is a clear choice for combat bla bla" than decided to work on theory and numbers. I made two different combat builds, one of them is close to my current FDL (just a bit over...
  8. V

    Programmable Ship Loadout Presets

    You've just come back to your home station after a long exploration time outside the bubble. You are equipped with lightweight everything, no hardpoints, etc. How nice would it be to open a list of presets you've created with all the models with that ship and to just be able to click "Bounty...
  9. M

    Adder or Hauler for exploration, and your rec loadout?

    Hi Cmdrs! I've just upgraded and downgraded and regraded across a selection of ships while trying to find the right one for me. I'm stuck between the Hauler and the Adder now. I want a ship capable of exploration, while having a small amount of versatility to throw a bit of cargo on-board to...

    Please can we have a 32t fuel tank for the Chieftain?

    Please could we have the fuel tank in the Chieftain increase to a 32t as standard, as this would make this ship just that bit more perfect for those of us who would like to do more than just combat. I for instance would like to use this tough ship as a secure fast transport for passengers, and...
  11. R

    Ships Hardpoints loadout Chieftain

    Alright, so I just bought my Chieftain and want to mess around with the options for hardpoint loadouts. I would like to hear what are you guys trying out? I am currently running with 1 Large Beam Laser 1 Large Multicannon 1 Medium Beam Laser 3 small multicannons I tried to go for a 1/2...
  12. R

    Ships Please give me some feedback on this Vulture combat loadout

    I already have an anaconda and a python and such but I never actually owned a vulture and everyone seems to love it. reason I skipped it was the lack of power but now with the engineers that can be avoided. https://eddp.co/u/YccoGbul
  13. R

    Ships I want to hear your thoughts on the subject.

    OK, so here's my situation, I already have an A-Rated Anaconda, for doing different activities, an A-Rated Federal Assault Ship set up solely for combat, a low end Type 9 solely for Cargo (working on its upgrades), and an A-Rated Dolphin to get around and take long trips (I absolutely love this...
  14. Fett_Li

    Ships Station Rescue Vessel

    Hi there, today I got myself engaged in some rescue missions at stations attacked by thargoids and really enjoyed it! Finally a use case where smaller, mor agile ships are of use! So I wanted to discuss what kind of loadout you find to be the most effective. Here are some of the insights I got...
  15. K

    Ship Loadouts

    Dear Frontier Dev Team, I love your game. This is truly a suggestion, not a complaint. Please add a feature to save ship loadouts like you already can with pilot customuzation profiles. If you have the necessary modules stored at the station then switching to that loadout would be free or...
  16. Newt Loranas

    Ships Gun Gun Gun

    I want to have a multirole Courier. What I have so far is this: https://eddp.co/u/2qmEmZDh I've read a few forum posts and watched a few youtube videos about the Courier and the bottom line seems to be it's quite tanky on shields with boosters fitted. Now I've put in the Bi-Weave mainly for...
  17. H

    Newcomer / Intro How can I get into combat?

    I've been playing a while, running delivery missions, passenger transport missions etc... to the point I'm a Petty Officer in the Federation. I've so far been (successfully) avoiding all combat, as I couldn't get past Advanced Combat Training after many attempts :-S Are there easier combat...
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