1. Swizzy o7o7

    The Combat Logging Compromise. (FDEV Please Read.)

    Combat logging (Via Task-kill) has existed in Elite, without punishment since launch. If you do not know what combat logging is, or understand its implications on the game, and community, please see Rinzler o7o7o7's post(s) regarding it (at the bottom of this post.) Now, since there is no...
  2. Morbad

    How long would a ship need to remain persistent to prevent a menu log from being abused?

    At least three minutes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1bi05o21NxU When someone mistakes dumbfires for seekers and flies in a straight line to outpace them while being shot in the drives with long range lasers, they've screwed up and should have to eject. There appears to be a widely held...
  3. Swizzy o7o7

    The Fix For Combat Logging (MENU LOG)

    The fix for menu combat logging (abusing the 15 second timer.)... is simple. Reset the timer to 15 seconds upon taking damage. If you are continuously ANY taking damage, your timer will remain at 15 seconds. This includes, but not limited to: -Any incoming player damage. -Any incoming NPC...
  4. M

    Discussion [CLOSED] E:D Score and suggestion : realtime event log

    Hey ED Dev team, hey guys... I'm working on a side project of mine based on Elite Dangerous and I recently encountered an issue that I hadn't anticipated. Let me explain... Project purpose The working title of the project is "ED Score", and the main purpose of the tool is to offer an...
  5. Grinchy

    Proposal Discussion Community Thoughts On Matchmaking Pvp?

    What are everyone's thoughts on matchmaking pvp? Flying in a set playable space (no super cruising out) 3v3 / 5v5 / 8v8 in whatever battleground you choose (icy rings etc). The gameplay would be so varied, anything could happen! There are a few kinks that will need ironing out, but it could...
  6. Koen

    [Alliance] Winged Cobra Tribe

    The "Winged Cobra Tribe" is a Role Playing PvP nomadic spacefaring tribe in the Elite: Dangerous universe. We call ourselves "Wicotees", after our call sign [WiCoT]. The tribe was founded in 2390, when the planet Wadjet was colononized by refugees from Earth and Mars. In 2970, the star around...
  7. S

    PvP Screenshots! Remember to blur out pilot names!

    So has anyone else managed to enjoy some basic PvP in this game? I got quite a few people to fight me off the stations today. I only took a picture of the type-6 I killed. I did manage to get in a fight with an eagle, and then a sidewinder joined into help him. Shame I didn't get a video...
  8. Slone

    Proposal Discussion What if Gimballed could only be used on NPCs ?

    Hi, I'm not sure about this, so don't flame me right away. Also maybe this has already been proposed and discussed, in which case, my apologies and feel free to flush this thread. Earlier I was thinking about how much fun I had taking down NPCs with gimballed weapons in PB1 and how I don't...
  9. J

    Ramming OP / broken?

    Apologies if this has been covered elseware, I couldn't find any definitive Q&A with FD about this, but is it just me or is ramming overpowered or broken atm? I got PKed earlier which was fine, I was in the asteroid belt in LP and the Commander in question was obviously a greedy beggar, and...
  10. k10

    [REQUEST] separate PVP forum

    Please could we have this as the subject of PVP is diluting the content of other forums? thanks
  11. KING5TON

    Proposal Discussion Gank Club - Testing bad behaviour

    There has been a lot of kerfuffle on the forums over the last year regards PVP, ganking, griefing and negative aspects of the MP side of the game. I'm proposing that a group of public spirited individuals help FD during the Beta to identify bugs, exploits and ways of abusing the system for...
  12. EidLeWeise

    ANNOUNCEMENT Rumble in the Roids

    Let us 'celebrate' the end of Alpha 3 by having a melee in the Asteroids on Sunday 11th May from 19:30 UK time. Make friends or stab your wingman in the back, it matters not. Join us on teamspeak if you wish for a more sociable event. Or you can turn down the heat and play the deadly shark...
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