long range

  1. Woodles

    My 1 month completion of over 210k Ly around the galactic circumference, earning 7.5 billion credits

    Before this trip I had never completed any long distance exploration trip in Elite. Starting the trip, my exploration rank was only Trailblazer (< 4 mil Cr earned) with 72% progress to Pathfinder (unlocked at 10 mil cr earned). My trips always unintentionally and abruptly ended less than 10k ly...
  2. Dr. Nagi

    Perseus Reach Expedition [February - June 3306]

    Hello cmdrs, Dr.Nagi here! I proudly present: The Perseus Reach Expedition! Earth --> Salomé's Reach Logo made by Bra2s (sorry for no transparent background) This expedition aims to map the western side of the Perseus Arm, a mostly uncharted region space. Starting from the birthplace of...
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