1. CaptainCaboose

    Please critique my build: DW2 T9 Miner

    Evening everyone...
  2. B

    Thank you for some great times but game over.

    Played this wonderful game for quite a while, 3 billion assets, all the ships, all the engineers, done the grind. Only needed Elite in exploration so I get my Connie and set off with 5 passengers to do my first long range mission. Previously couldn't face 250 jumps to get out here but I was...
  3. M

    Transportation Missions

    I'm one of those that enjoys passenger missions and long haul missions. What I find frustrating is the lack of long haul transportation missions. It's always sightseeing missions way out somewhere, and then we have to make the long haul back. Why aren't there people hiring ships to deliver them...
  4. V

    Long Term Ideas for the Future of ED

    I am unsure if ideas like these have been suggested (or are publicly known as being planned to be added), I thought that they might be interesting ideas that would bring some good gameplay and interactions to Elite Dangerous. I am going to reference Eve Online (even though I did not play the...
  5. K

    Recent Exploration detail sharing

    Hello, I wanted to just share my recent exploration trip details, because well because I'm proud of it and I haven't been back in the bubble for a while to talk to another person. I hope you like the post, cheers! My trip route went like this: Ship Details Trip Statistics Exploration...
  6. DMC831

    Please bring back Long Range Smuggling (and cargo hauling)

    Last night, I did the Robigo Run for the first time in almost a year and a half! I love smuggling. I have tons of money and all the ships in the game, yet all I wanna do is smuggle. I took about a year and a half off from Elite (I love the game and was having fun, but just got too busy in...
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