1. Kailoren

    Advanced Docking Computer damaging my ship

    Excuse me if this has been addressed before, but i've noticed recently that in my larger ships such as my Type-9 Heavy and my Imperial Cutter that when I engage auto-dock on larger stations the computer sets my course too low. The bottom of my ship always hits the mail slot, usually slowing me...
  2. RNGesus Prime

    Stations and NPC right-of-way

    I'm not the first and probably not the last commander to have a gripe with NPC ship behavior in the station mailslot. NPC ships have consistent, scripted paths into and out of stations, which is good as it allows a commander to avoid collisions, but here is an issue with NPC ships around the...
  3. C

    make flight control honest

    We all know that. Just uncoupled from the platform. The flight control says "exit corridor is clear" and you just find a big Beluga in the middle of the mailslot. Because "exit corridor is clear" was just a lie. Why don't they just say "exit corridor is blocked. hold position for 5 Seconds…...
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