1. R

    South American Animals and Aquarium Exibits

    Hey What I would love to see is some more South American Animals. Like Capybaras. If nothing else, please let us have walk-in capybara habitats. Anyway, here's my wishlist: Capybaras (Pretty Please) Caiman Coati (Coatimundi) Llamas Alpacas Jaguars Cougars Ocelots Margay Sloths Anteaters...
  2. SixSixMajin

    More exhibit case types + new exhibit animals

    I would really like to see Frontier introduce more variety in the exhibit cases. It would be great to see things like larger exhibit cases that can hold more animals before overcrowding takes place, as well as new shapes for exhibit cases like large rectangles, large squares, cylindrical cases...
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