1. G

    Buildings & Attractions General Gameplay "Benches", with a purpose

    Yes, I've seen requests for benches as "decorations", even though benches in a more realistic point of view are provided as comfort and rest stops for people, but after what I've experienced with the Toilet Management system from update 1.12, it has opened myself up for other possibilities for...
  2. Y

    Micromanagement =/= Challenge

    *** I'd like this thread to be used only for constructive criticism and opinion sharing, not for complaining or pessimism *** I love this game, and I played it for hundreds of hours, but there is a ceratin aspect of it's design which slowly takes away from my enthusiasm to play the game. Or...
  3. Kitherit

    Add Alert for Empty Habitat/Exhibit

    So as my zoo is growing, I've found myself wishing that I could get a notification if a habitat or exhibit becomes empty after the death of an animal. I tend to be very active about staying on top of population control when it comes to baby animals becoming adults, and moving them around as...
  4. N

    important management \ sos

    Problem-suggestion: Could you add an additional option to the control in the form of simplified key control settings, as in ordinary games, for simplicity, we hope for understanding, and also add SOS function for closest allies or and come to the aid of ship in distress.
  5. N

    The most important management points of the game relies on false mechanics (or no mechanics at all).

    This game is very disapointing. I came to play to Planet Zoo despite the bad reputation of the previous frontiers games because this opus appears to have good review on the management side. But after playing several dozen of hours, I finally figure out that a BIG portion of the management system...
  6. L

    Co-op Mode in Planet coaster

    Hello, dear Planet Coaster team & community, I and a friend both have bought Planet coaster and are talking to each other over TeamSpeak how we are Building the Parks. And now we just came to an idea: A cooperative mode for Planet coaster. It would be fun and pretty interesting to see how a...
  7. salmonmarine

    I want this game to be difficult

    Obviously there will be a variety of difficulties, as well as sandbox, infinite money, and so on. That's great, but I want a really difficult mode where I'm stretched for cash and have to really make tough planning decisions to succeed. All the marketing for this game has done a great job...
  8. Jessiy

    Realistic animal behavior suggestions:

    Carnivores Scare Guests: Since carnivores wont be able to kill the guests of the park, maybe implementing something like this will give it more of a real feel. Lets say there is a pride of lions, kept behind a mesh wire fence (not very safe at all) and the fence is right next to the path, so...
  9. DappledShadow

    Introducing New Animals to Already Established Exhibits?

    As the title says, how will introducing a new animal to any already established exhibit work? What if I had wolf A, and then added wolf B into the exhibit? Wolf A realistically would fight wolf B because that is wolf A's territory. In zoo tycoon they would just get along fine. Watch any couple...
  10. Daniel Klimchuk

    Player Minor Factions

    Hello Commanders! I have a few questions regarding the player owned minor factions: 1. If a squadron has a lot of members, does the owner need to pay Frontier for it to be turned into a minor faction? 2. Does the owner of the minor faction get to choose it's government type and where it is...
  11. shuki25

    In-Development Need squadron beta testers -- ED: Squadron Command Center

    Greetings Commanders! I have developed a web app for Squadrons to use. It is data driven web app, it allows you to view reports, charts, etc. You can compare your in game performance with other commanders in your squadron as well as comparing how your squadron doing with other squadrons. I...
  12. spoonetti

    My ideas for PlanCo - Part I : Management

    Hi there, after a long time, I'd like to post some ideas and suggestions again for one of the best games I have installed on my PC (ok, there're just two games: PlanCo and RCT3 ;) ). I'm really surprised that Frontier will finally give us the opportunity to import own created CSOs into the...
  13. S

    Staff Managment suggestion

    I would love to see a checkbox on the staff management pages (similar to the checkbox on the shops to use the same pricing), so that I can automatically pay all my janitors, or all my mechanics, or all my whatevers the same salary, without having to manually go down the page to set each one...
  14. H

    Frontier's Intentions

    The haphazard urgency with which Frontier handles high-credit farms is so nonsensical and strange. If it were a game like WoW where players could purchase game-time or greatly effect the economy, their methods would make far more sense; quickly fixing the issue would take priority, even if it...
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