1. Cmdr Redmail

    Please redesign the fleet carrier Commodies Market so we can run proper markets

    The whole carrier market system is currently so basic it hurts :( A proper market should allow you to set a buy and sell price, with the spread being your "margin" or profit. (spread being the difference between the buy and the sell price) I want to be able to specify a size of market (say...
  2. D

    Fleet Carrier Allocation Bug

    I was ready to do tritium trading today when I noticed my FC capacity was 24.6k/25k. Most of the space was lost to market allocation for an export that I closed 4 days prior. I could be mistaken and maybe I'm doing something wrong so in the google doc below I have a few screenshots. I don't...
  3. B

    CTD when opening carrier commodities market

    Im getting CTD Crash to Desktop instantly when clicking on commodities market on carriers. note its ONLY on carriers! stations work fine i reproduced error around 100 times at around 40 carriers !!! game is unplaybale for me bcs i cannot interact with carrier market !!!!!!! everything else works!
  4. S

    Suggestion for next major update: Economy

    Hi there, I'm not sure if these suggestions are read by developers, but if they are, I've been sparked with an idea with the release of fleet carriers. Considering that these carriers are movable space stations more or less, my suggestion is to integrate a fully flesh-out economy. I know...
  5. Maur

    Let's fix the ED markets once and for all - with proper Stockmarket trading

    In my opinion, the Elite Dangerous market system is broken, and the recent change to how mined commodities are priced has made it even worse. One of the main problems is that - unlike reality - real people cannot trade with each other, only with the stations. What has happened is that real...
  6. C

    Just a quick note about franchise overview and selling animals

    I don't want to write an essay so I will make it quick (hopefully). I tend to breed my own animals rather then buying them from the market (because my storage is always full so I spent long time choosing which animal to sell or release to buy a new one) and while switching between my franchise...
  7. S

    Limit maximum price on market and make trading easier

    Currently, to trade an animal you have to click the habitat, click the animal tab, select your animals, send them to the trade center. Go to the animal trade center, click an individual animal, then click trade, then select an amount, then click confirm. You have to do this for every single...
  8. zreezy

    Franchise Mode: Min/Max CC Listing Values

    As we have all seen with the current Gorilla challenge, the market in Franchise mode can def be , and people are taking advantage of that. It doesn't help that this challenge doesn't promote putting them back in the market, since you want to release them. It makes it a sellers market, and...
  9. SirKillian

    The Great Albino Scam

    Hello everyone, Today I'd like to make a suggestion regarding albino animals and how they are being sold on the player market in franchise mode. As of right now, there is no way for players to tell if the selected animal is an albino breed or not. This is resulting in many players renaming...
  10. F

    Animal Market between friends

    Maybe you could be add a market, who we can buy/sell/transfer Animals to other Zoos (own) and to Zoos to our friends. That will make animal transfer between friends much easier
  11. V

    Market : hide species already owned

    Hi, I think it would be nice to have a filter in the market to hide the species already present in the zoo.
  12. M

    Deselect species when searching

    Hey :) I would love a way to deselect species from market when searching. Like right clicking on the peafowl, so you don't have to scroll across 1000 of them. Right now i have to select every single animal manually without the peafowl. /M
  13. J

    Friends Market

    WISH: Make pages in the animal market; Public, Friends. When you place an animal on the market; the first 5-10 minutes, only visible to friends; so that your friends can buy it first, if they need it; after those 5-10 minutes it becomes public. This option is only recognizable with a checkmark...
  14. Old Duck

    Newcomer / Intro How Does Market Determine "High Demand" ?

    I just started doing some serious trading with the new tools, and I'm confused. I'm seeing things in the market where the demand over is 300, but these items are not flagged as "high demand". However, other items with a demand of 60 is considered high demand. Is this bugged? I've been using the...
  15. IcemanAJL

    Black Market and Legal Goods

    Currently when you have anonymous protocols you cannot access the commodities market. That’s fine and fair, but it’s really weird that the Black Market won’t let you sell your legal cargo to them. While a legitimate buisness caring about the legality of cargo makes sense, it’s absolutely...
  16. King Morbid

    Rare Commodity suggestion.

    I would like rare goods that are blocked by factions to be available to buy on the black market. It would be nice if we could use the black market as a black market. The market would have to be a permanent fixture, no matter the Power or faction. The weakness would be possibilities of T-sensor...
  17. R

    Oh right yeah, that makes sense...

    Bought loadsa food cartridges and took them to a system in a state of famine. Obviously I'm an idiot thinking food would be in demand in a famine state system. In fact every single food is in abundant supply there. . Perhaps outbreak systems export medicines too...
  18. King Morbid

    Put illegal rares on the black market.

    Sometimes prudish powers take over a station where a slightly dangerous or frowned upon rare commodity is made and suddenly it is no longer available on the market. When that happens, it would make a lot of sense if we could still buy the item on the station's black market. Isn't that what a...
  19. Justinian Octavius

    Passenger Mission Arrival Point Algorithm needs to apply to Commodities Market upon return

    One of the side effects of the algorithm for rewarding passenger missions based upon the arrival point distance was that it killed off the commodities trade for many commanders. Thus, imho, when the algorithm returns it needs to apply to prices on the Commodities Market as well. CMDR Justinian...
  20. Mae Tang

    Merchants, Markets and Thrifts! Waow!

    A long way off, I know - but hear me out! -- Station and Planet Side Markets For those of us who play in the Elite Dangerous Universe as characters, we all envision backstories and backdrops that elevate the purpose and mission our pilots are on. I feel a sense of achievement when I make a...
  21. T

    Demand/Production/Stock price dilemma, and Smuggling issues - Save the Merchants!

    Hey pilots. I was thinking for a while about how galactic economy works. I was first playing E: D with (don't laugh) Spice and Wolf in mind – a story about two smart people using their wit to turn in some tasty profit. So I did cargo runs, and deliveries, and smuggling, tried piracy (heh) and...
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