1. H

    Fur Length Variation

    Hey guys, just thought I'd make this suggestion in the wake of the colour variation update since it would be the next logical step. Would simply need to add two parameters to the material shader that act as a range to modify the fur length value on the shell and fin meshes of the animals...

    Guide / Tutorial Material & Data Guide Tutorials for 2019 Summary

    Doing a Post with all Info to efficient Material / Data Collection for 2019 /2020 There is a lot of seperate Info, but no whole one where people can easy find stuff, so non of the linked guides and videos sheets are from me credits belongs to the creators ...
  3. B

    Improvement Proposal for farming Raw-Materials a bit more easier

    Greetings Commander I had a simple Idea while i was farming some Raw-Materials. What do u think about a smaller scaled Radar in the HUD ( maybe on the right side, there should be enough space) while you are using the Turret-Mode to move the SRV ? It would be a good Improvement, because you dont...
  4. A

    Request for Thargoid/Guardian materials to be tradable at material traders.

    Since there’s currently very little use for these materials beyond unlocking tech broker modules and restocking specialty weapons, I think it would be very good to be able to exchange them for more useful materials. If possible (within the game’s programming, I mean), you could make exchanges...
  5. L

    Collector limpets

    Oh how wonderful it would be if limpets could return cargo from planet surface to ship instead of doing a faceplant into the dirt...especially when the SRV holds a lousy 2 packages... is this not the year 3304? We can travel 300x light speed but limpets are mentally !!! I applaud...
  6. Yamiks

    [video] 2000 hours of Elite Dangerous Do feel free to share your experiences in your 2000, 1000, 500 or maybe even first 100h!
  7. T

    Engineers Maufactured G5 Material Well?

    Hey my dudes and dudettes. I should'nt expect that many will be willing to share such infomation but mayhaps one of you is kind enough to share some secrets.. We appear to have a Rare Material Well for Encoded and for Raw, but to my knowledge, the isn't one for Manufactured aside from the odd...
  8. W

    [Video] The SRV is great fun if you drive it like you stole it.

    I've watched a lot of videos that complain about material gathering being a grind. I don't agree. Thrash that SRV until the wheels come off and material gathering becomes great fun.
  9. G

    Material Collector Limpet Controller

    Gathering mats takes ages even with multiple controllers, it really breaks the game flow and simply consists of waiting and waiting again. In my eyes it does not anything to the game except more time consumption. My suggestion: Give us a material collector limpet controller, which has around...
  10. G-Dubya

    Adjust experimental effect material list

    o7 Commanders, I am looking for a list of materials needed by the engineers to add “experimental effects” to a module or weapon. Does such a thing exist? I have had a look on inara and google but no luck. Help Commanders.!
  11. Ragnascot

    Engineers Suggestion - Break down modules

    (Couldn’t find the suggestion bit, if it still exists.) I have loads of old modules and weapons in storage. Rather than just sell them, I thought I’d suggest a system where you can trade in unwanted engineered modules in exchange for materials of your choice, similar to material traders, just...
  12. Ulon Yuanshi

    Material Traders - Improving Exchange Rates via a Reputation System

    The "infamous" Yamiks have recently puplished their review and it seems that many players agree with what's being said in the video: Personally, I also agree that there should be better exchange rates... but how will these be implemented? Simply...
  13. Yamiks

    [video] Material traders are HORRIBLE
  14. S

    Material Traders and the Galaxy Map filters

    My suggestions pertain to using the Galaxy Map to find Material Traders. There are two suggestions here that can be implemented separately from each other, but I do strongly recommend implementing both. (1) First, having Material Traders only show up in your in-game Galaxy Map when you...
  15. Daish

    Can we ease up on material.

    Has anyone noticed everything is pretty much material based. USS full of... material USS combat aftermath sites...material Hi rez sites....material High grade USS sites..material Degraded USS sites...material Want to upgrade your ship...material Want to destroy Thargoids with AX weapons...
  16. FurryFailure

    Material Traders are dictated by the System Economy - TIL

    Okay, so I know this information is already out there, but I'm only finding bits and pieces of it, so my intentions with this thread is to further help those looking for solid answers regarding Material Trader locations and how to better find them, so, well, here goes; Tonight I was out with my...
  17. Lutz

    Changes to materials filters

    With the new improvements to materials in 3.0, please can the filters be tweaked? As it stands, in inventory, Data has it's own separate tab. But manufactured and raw are lumped together. Please could they be split out? (Yes I know there's a filter to split raw and material, but then why...
  18. H

    Suggestions to new Material Trader

    As a leader of a major player group, I'd like to bring the voice of around 500 people. The material trader is a much needed step in the right direction towards eliminating a significant portion of the grind with engineers. We really appreciate this, a lot. But I'd like to point out that the...
  19. A

    Horizons Make Materials Easier to Acquire Without Horizons

    Thanks to not all of the Elite community being rich enough to get the Horizons expansion on a dime, the game's MMO (not so much MSO) aspects such as Open Play have quickly and obviously become pay-to-play. Due to this, nearly everyone who does not have access to the ability to come into contact...
  20. T

    Engineers Elite Dangerous "What to Keep" Material / Data sheet.

    I couldn't find a list to help me decide if I wanted to keep a Material / Data, so I built one. It's pretty simple (even tho it took me a few hours), but now I can easily see if having 30 Iron on hand useful. OR if I have any use for "UNUSUAL ENCRYPTED FILES" (only if I'm going to engineer an...
  21. Jimbodiah

    Guide / Tutorial FAQ: Where to find material x

    After reading countless threads and trying to unlock the engineers myself, I thought it might be a good idea to start a FAQ topic on where/how to find those impossible to find items you need to craft or unlock engineers. Maybe the mods can make this a sticky? I'll update the main post with new...
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