1. CMDR Akhaten

    United Systems Cooperative is recruiting!

    Established in 3306, the United Systems Cooperative is a tight-knit organization of independent pilots operating across the galaxy, both in human space, and the uncharted sectors beyond. Little is known about this groups motives and plans, though many conflicting reports are offered by systems...
  2. N

    Looking for Newer players 21 or older

    Im looking to put together an older group of new players. Im in my 30's, play everyday and have discord. if we can get 10 or more of us together we could start a player faction to experience that side of content as well. I also stream every Tuesday and Thursday.
  3. W

    I understand why, but teen rating is a shame.

    For being held in a “serious and distopian” and decently realistic setting, it is a shame that the rating is only teen. I think it would have gone a bit deeper into the believable and dark aspects of the game (obviously) if they went for a mature rating. Just imagine an npc swearing as you blow...
  4. D

    (XB1) Starting again and looking for mature, established player faction...

    I'll need to knock the rust off, I'm sure, but I played a while ago and just drifted away from it. Installing a 15G updates, and when that's done I'll be hopping back in. RP is ok, as long as it doesn't extend to voice chat. I'd love a serious, established community to invest in. Preferably...
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