1. R

    Anyone know if I can make a fan site and what content I can use?

    I want to make a fan site showing the game off as well as in-game video, images, audio, text, and other forms of media captured by my own hand with a recruitment page to my squadron. I have checked the T's/C's for info on this and it says I need written permission first. I've emailed frontier...
  2. Jonuss

    Stellar Winds Episode 2: The Roadmap to Elite

    Also check out Yamik's video on the subject In today's show, we unpack an Elite: Dangerous filename list given to us by an anonymous source. Things we discovered: The Panther Clipper Mining Fighters A Pilotable Alien Ship Aquatic Landing Gear Player...
  3. TorvalStrategyTeam

    Powerplay Faction: Zemina Torval Torval joins Twitter & Website ALPHA 2 Online

    Two quick bits of news. Firstly, we are now on Twitter! So do drop by & follow us at: . And secondly, version ALPHA 2 of our website is now online at which should fix the navigation bar & in page button issues on smartphones. As ever, if anyone...
  4. Stellar Screenshots

    Hi folks, our previous screenie(s) thread went a fair bit over 10,000 replies. As such, it's time for a new screenshots / media thread! Please continue your postings of your in game screenshots and media to this shiny new thread. Thanks!
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