1. Orbitalai

    We could use a medium sized passenger ship

    My suggestion: Something that can compete with python in functionality, but actually look like a liner and designed for passengers. For medium landing pads. Doesn't have to be from Saud Kruger.
  2. Lukiepookie

    Ship Builds & Load Outs Share your Medium Sized Combat Ship

    Hello all, I am in need of recommendations for a medium sized combat ship. Money isn't an issue, please share away. Yes I already know about the vulture, I'm just hoping to get a lot of variety in this thread for ideas of my own. Thanks and 07 commanders.
  3. D

    Revising the Python

    The Python was once used as a patrol cruiser, so now that ship launch fighters are in the game shouldn't the Python be able to carry a fighter as well? As one of the larger of the medium class ships and given its history it would make sense. Please consider this request. Thank you.
  4. T

    Medium Size Cargo Ship

    Please an alternative to a Python. Something that carries 200+ (preferably 250) but is lightweight, and quick. Maybe its internals are 1-2-3-7 and so you can choose what to put in the 7 Cargo... or maybe Fuel Scoop... whatever it is you are a one trick pony. But you are a quick and...
  5. NW3

    What is your favorite small or medium ship?

    What is your favorite small or medium ship and why do you prefer it? Bonus points: If you prefer flying smaller ships in general, why? Many players (especially new players) seem to think that they need one of the "big 3" ships to have any fun in this game. Personally, I find the big ships to...
  6. StefanOS

    AKTUELLE Forum Regeln - LINK!

    Hallo! Bitte beachtet die NEUEN Forum Regeln die seit den 20. Februar 2015 gelten!! LINK ZUM THREAD MIT DEN NEUEN FORUM REGELN IN ENGLISCH Hier einpaar wichtige Punkte die oft falsch gemacht werden! es gibt eine genaue Begrenzungen zur maximalen Größe der Signatur! Das verwenden von...
  7. k10

    [REQUEST] separate PVP forum

    Please could we have this as the subject of PVP is diluting the content of other forums? thanks
  8. Orbitalai

    Can forum account be linked to backer account?

    Can forum account be linked to backer account?
  9. Junglebiscuit

    Community Event / Creation Dynamic Forum Signature Generator

    Hello all, I have spent a few hours constructing a dynamic elite dangerous forum signature generator for all to use free of charge. Basically all you do is go to the page, type your commander name, select a background, select an occupation (can leave this blank if you like) then click submit...
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