1. Vurrath

    remove the arbitrarily-added, no-effect of kills against factions at megaships drop-down map zones.

    sigh ... i went to the megaship LHS 1348 1 Sanchez-class researcher ... to see if it might be owned by the Brotherhood of Terra Mater ... i find it is... great! there should be a concentration of their ships i can blast away at, and get lots of kills at, when sometimes they're a sneaky...
  2. B

    [Journal] More info in MissionAccepted/Disable mega-ship turrets event please

    Can we please get more info in this event, specifically the name of the mega-ship, and possibly its (current) location?
  3. SillyChimera943

    Community Event / Creation Alcatraz Class Prison Mega Ship attacked by Thargoids in HIP 17692

    As the title suggests, this mega-ship has been attacked by Thargoids and Medical units are already surrounding the ship. There is also a comlink and an SOS antenna broadcasting in morse-code. The location of the mega-ship can be discovered near the HIP 17692 A 3 planet. Image of the ship...
  4. SillyChimera943

    Found Alcatraz Prison Ship.

    As the title suggests, I have found an attack mega ship called the 'Alcatraz Class Prison Ship JJF-048'. It has been attacked by the Thargoids and medical units are already there. There is a Ship uplink in the middle of the mega-ship. There is also an antenna broadcasting an SOS in morse-code...
  5. W

    User carrier megaship concept

    Kia ora, Here's a concept for a carrier megaship I've spent the last wee while working on in Sketchup. Still very much WIP.... I find the existing carrier megaship a little blocky so figured I'd have a go at making my own, sleeker design. I can't quite work out what the scale should be...
  6. R

    Ra1derz' Mega-Shuttle Company!

    Welcome weary traveller, to Ra1derz' Mega-Shuttle Company! With the announcement of a new class of ship being made available to the public sector in the next year, I've stumbled across an interesting business proposition... I just need some assistance in funding it. If you're interested, I'd...
  7. C

    New series of tutorial videos: Mostly Harmless

    Hello commanders! One of my biggest complaints when looking into Elite Dangerous was that I didn't know what the game was. Sure I saw game play but it was never clear what exactly the point of the game was until I was actually playing it. Even now, I find that lack of a clear, easily accessed...
  8. N

    Elite for newbies (like me)

    Hi, I'm Nick aka cmdr Imolen. I've been playing in my free time since Monday when I joined premium beta. I have read various posts that this beta experience is very hard for newbies so thought I would post my thoughts so far as I am only 5 days in to my ED experience and hope it might encourage...
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