1. Daniel Klimchuk

    Ability to send messages into Inbox

    Greetings. I don't know if this has been suggested before, but I think that it would be a great idea to introduce the ability to send messages into other players' inboxes. I mean here: I think this would be a great communication improvement - currently, it is very hard to contact a player...
  2. Antezscar

    NEW Thargoid Message from Todays Livestream! durring today's livestream ED took us to a Tharoid base, and had us scan the structure, and gave us this message. but i am crap at taking audio and making a image of it, can someone help me?
  3. BZSm1th

    PS4 Chat (Noob question - apologies in advance)

    Just started playing ED (love it by the way...totally addicted, no sleep, unhappy wife etc etc etc lol) Couple of questions regarding the Comms panel How do you replay directly to another player (instead of simply messagign local) More of a console question in general, but will any USB...
  4. Cosmo

    Dreadnought: a multiplayer slugfest with really big spaceships

    We should have such capital ship gameplay in Elite Dangerous too. Dreadnought - E3 2014 Teaser Trailer Preview by PC Gamer:
  5. G

    Starpoint Gemini 2 - new indie space sim RPG

    Hi to u all, Ill like to show u also the new space game im all hyped about... Starpoint Gemini 2 Its still in beta early access on steam, but i can i say it has grown on me. A nice space sim with RPG elements, upgrading your abilities, your ship/s (there is like 70 of them u can get) from...
  6. Dull Bladerunner

    The No Man's Sky Thread

    It's going to be a good few years for space sims... No Man's Sky is a Sci-Fi game currently in development by Hello Games.
  7. zeppeldep

    South African Elite backers

    Hi There... If there are any other South African Elite backers.. and If they use Steam.. I started a Steam group for south african space sim fans: ZA Space Sim Gamers (ZASSG) Come join me... lets form squads in online space sim games.. : )
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