1. CMDR Cosmic Spacehead

    Opinions on Military Slots

    Disclaimer; not a rant, or request, just some thoughts on them! Sometimes, I forget why we even have military slots on ships. My Chieftain, and Challenger, are both currently used for PvP, and/or AX. So those 3 military slots are being used nicely for hull reinforcements. No problems here...
  2. Alexander_Sepulveda

    A Federation Story Campaign (Empire/Alliance players please read!) CONTEXT This is the response to what I have found many players complain is lacking in the game of Elite Dangerous. An actual story driven campaign to excite player involvement in the game. I myself have put over 800 hours into Elite Dangerous. I get it. To some that...
  3. C

    New group, the IRC, Intergalactic Resource Company

    Hello! I am CMDR Ethan Renault of the IRC/IRCN. The IRC (Intergalactic Resource Company) is a company that does mining, escorts while mining, and we will have a navy, the IRCN. We are here to help new players and even new players. All ages are welcome and we don't discriminate on people. We are...
  4. D

    Interdicted by federal Navy ship.

    Ok. So I just got back from a 1,000 ly exploration trip, headed to wolf 397 to the trophy camp, and suddenly I was notified by the federation Navy ship that I was being "interdicted under military rules of engagement." My first question is; what does that mean? My second question is; I am allied...
  5. T

    Shields in military compartment

    Why can most defense modules fit in a military slot but a shield generator cannot? I can put shield cell banks in there to aid defense but I can't put a shield generator in there. Why? Is this something that was thought about and a good reason developed for not allowing it or was it just...
  6. ebbrell

    Ship Military Slots

    can these slots be given a boost. we all like the idea of specialised ships, and combat ships do have military slots which is great. but a military slot should also boost what ever is fitted in it, imagine a Hull reinforcement module, when fitted to a military slots should have an...
  7. Anubite

    What is a Military Interdiction supposed to accomplish?

    I have wondered exactly what the navies are trying to accomplish by pulling you over. They don’t do anything afterwards. Anyone have an idea?
  8. Alan Uí Niall

    Ideas for ED's developers to ponder over.

    I have an idea for ED. It involves improving Navy missions for any faction. The idea is; joining and docking with a factions huge Battlecruiser. That Battlecruiser or even fleet of Battlecruisers will become your base or home for your (npc and/or player) squadron/s while you invade other...
  9. Z

    A solution to the whole "rank grind" thing thats been going on

    Remove the military rank altogether. Make the rank locked permits attainable via missions to complete. Alliance now has two ships (kinda) in the type-10 and chieftain, those aren't rank locked but can only be purchased in alliance space or at Jameson Memorial. I mean, you already need a god...
  10. X

    Military Career in Elite

    So my thoughts on this is to have an alternate way of progressing through the game in a more structured manor rather than the sandbox way we have now. It should have equal benefits that won't necessary involve spending our own credits but allows us to use military resources. For example as our...
  11. Acen ONYX

    *NEW* "Military Stripe" paint pack SPOTTED at!

    ... for the Lakon Spaceways Type-9: At, if you try the search term "stripe", the Type-9 is the ONLY SHIP to show a "Military Stripe Pack" (so far??) General appearance description: Shades of Grey "body", and...
  12. Acen ONYX

    Ships *NEW* "Military Stripe" paint pack SPOTTED at! Under global search term "military" (or "stripe"!!), the Type-9 is the ONLY SHIP to show "Military Stripe Pack" (so far??) Generally, shades of Grey "body", and longitudinal coloured highlight striping available in these colours...
  13. FurryFailure

    Cosmetic Suggestions - Armour Plating

    Before I begin, this suggestion includes 3 suggestions using the same idea, so, be sure to read it all So as the title suggests, Armour Plating Cosmetics/Ship Kits, I got the idea when talking with my friend about some of the ships, my friend mentioned the Type-10, and we figured it'd be a...
  14. M. Volgrand

    MILITARY INTELLIGENCE GATHERING: Thargoid combat tactics

    Commanders, we are facing a whole new enemy. We still don't know how to defeat it. Place down there your hints and tricks on how to face this enemy when it turns hostile. This thread is not intended as a declaration of war, but as a way to learn how to defend ourselves. I will keep updating the...
  15. O

    Nintendo DSi 3D

    This is the way forward for 3D, Not the silly "Avatar" style stereoscopic vision. Original tech demo: :cool:
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