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    Is Panite double hotspot broken/ nerfed.

    I just started to mine yesterday. I build a T9 for mining only. and went to a double hotspot for Painitre. (Hyades sector DB-X D1-112) First run i got 350 mil plus and cashed out. I then returned for a 2nd run at same location different spot. ( there are like 4 or 5 different spots for the...

    Prospectors crash into ship too easily

    In 3.3, prospector limpets gained a collision box, making it possible for them to collide with objects like your own ship on launch. This, in itself, is fine. Before 3.3, you could have the limpet phase through the canopy easily by just looking down after firing them, and that did look weird...
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    Surface Bombing Fighters

    Hey! I've been having a lot of fun bombarding a planet recently by strapping some size 2 Mine Launchers to the underside of a Viper MkIII (Gravity makes them fall down, and the blast radius means they work wonders for bombing settlements) and it made me wonder; Would it be possible to add a...
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