1. Remus

    Minecraft with RTX on! HO....LY..... F!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Beta available)

    I mean..... COME ON GUYS! NOW YOUR ARE JUST SHOWING OFF! XDDDDDDDD The time of RTX has come!
  2. LanceLord

    Is a Stellaris meets Civilization meets The Sims Sandbox Gameplay Content Possible?

    Now that the Milky Way galaxy just got a little smaller with the DW expedition: 1. is it possible to get space legs similar to the way this exists in X4: Foundations or (Candyman meets boogey man alert) Star Citizen? It would be great to be able to exit your spaceship/land rover when landed on...
  3. Old Duck

    So about those shadows....

    Hey Lloyd, I hope you're reading this :) I recently had the opportunity to test Elite Dangerous on the PS4 Pro. One of the major things that tempted me to purchase a Pro was the promise of better shadows in Elite Dangerous. And yes, shadows are pretty darn amazing in ED's quality mode on the...
  4. C

    Deep Thoughts From the Black, Vol 3

    Before heading out on my current expedition I spent a few months with the kids at our unit in Hillary Dock, where we spent many hours (at least a few dozen more than my wife would have liked) playing this old crafting and survival game. Those were good times, during which many memories were made...
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