1. GonerMcGoner

    General / Off-Topic T-Rex Breakout Demo

    This is probably old news to everyone but me. Found this really cute mini-game on YouTube. I wish we could recreate this scene in JWE. Download for Windows:
  2. John Guevara

    Suggestion: extending gameplay with reallife science-projects as mini-game

    hi, today I want to introduce you to a science-portal that fascinated me. There I have recently found some very interesting projects! These projects are specially designed for amateurs, science beginners and enthusiasts. The nice thing i found is, that all these projects have a standardized...
  3. Colonel Kenney

    Jump Start on the Exploration Feedback - Software Defined Radio Interface EASY!

    With the exploration focused feedback coming I thought I'd put in my 2cents now. I've been terribly busy and unable to play lately nor surf the forums. I will be jumping back in full force this Fall and I hope they can take my idea to heart. If someone can take this and roll with it when they...
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