1. T

    mining is no longer worthwhile?

    I fly into a mining area, into a hotspot! i get everything except what's on the hotspot. Got a 200km carpet around the rhodplumsite hotspot yesterday. There was nothing there. If I need rock, I go to a rock mine, not a coal mine. Gave up after 7 hours. Tried several different hotspots and apart...
  2. Sleep Runner

    [INDEPENDENT] 🔬 Ended Development - Recruiting in the name of science!

    Ender Development [EDEV] Squadron looking for new members! The main responsibility is to maintain peace and security in our systems, the well-being of our pilots, and the development of our company. We also providing support for new pilots, such as defense and carrier services, performing...
  3. Random Player

    Newcomer / Intro Mining and NPC Pirates

    Hello Quick question... so, not much of a miner, although made several billion with VO, when you could. I am going to start getting into laser mining and wondering, do NPC pirates just automatically attack you, regardless of their demands to drop some cargo? I have been interdicted millions...
  4. EWanderer

    Discuss: Subsurface Mining could use a tad bit higher numbers

    As the title suggests. According to FDev the tier list for income of mining activities is: Laser < Abrasion < Subsurface < Core. And every time I tried my hand at Subsurface stuff, the yield and price of the commodity as well as the general hassle of low ammo and constant struggle with the...
  5. LordBishop

    DC vs Laser Mining

    Hello Cmdrs, Just a simple question: Which makes more money per hour spent in the rings? I am currently Deep Core Mining in a python as my primary source of income when I want to spend a chunk on a new ship/upgrades. I typically jump on EDDB right before I launch and check the market to see what...
  6. M


    1. Mining drones should last until scooped again 2. Mining drones should not break on asteroids 3. Mining drones should use launcher space, not cargo space 4. Deep mining with rockets should be easer - ie. rockets unlimited, or change mechanics. That would give mining some space to live. Eve...
  7. Random Player

    What the?

    What's going on with this game? They have destroyed VOs! One of the most fun, at least to me, ways to make money has been been crushed. I've been VO Core mining for a long time and always a spot to sell for around 1.3M and now, THIS!!!!! Why do they INSIST on ing off their own players?! At...
  8. M

    Researching the broken pulse wave for mining. (PC)

    Greetings fellow commanders! As currently known the pulse scanner seems to be broken and scans rocks behind the ship yet for others it still works. The current theory that some people and myself have is that the pulse scanner is broken due to graphics, depending on which graphic settings you...
  9. Squall Blyat

    Making the mining more difficult (but without simply decreasing profit)

    Hi, I was thinking about the patch on mining nerf (which is still quite ok imo) recently. I would like to have your opinion about the fact that mining should not be less "profitable" but instead, more difficult. It is actually quite easy to be alone to mine, without pirate or whatever. I think...
  10. CMDR SoldiersFortune

    SRV Variant: Mining

    I would like to suggest that 2 new SRV variants be added to Elite with the specialty of surface mining. Welder This SRV is larger than a standard SRV and as such, takes up 2 hangar slots. The Welder has a pair of pylons out in front near ground level that can produce a heated beam of plasma...
  11. CMDR SoldiersFortune

    Utility Fighter: Golem

    Right now we have three fighter chassis available for fighter bays; the Fed Condor, the Imperial Interceptor, and the Alliance Taipan. I would like to suggest a fourth chassis be added along with the following loadouts. Name: Golem Manufacturer: Lakon Role: Utility Loadouts: Badger 2x Mining...
  12. DrCribbens

    Painite mining

    I should start by saying that ED is far and away my favourite game ever. However. In 3 years of playing I've never mined before because I thought it looked a bit dull. I've now had to start painite mining to unlock Selene Jean and upgrade my armour. I was wrong - it isn't a bit dull. It turns...
  13. Poperrap

    PVE Squadron recruiting

    Hello Commanders! I am the current leader of The Galactic Archive in Elite Dangerous (PC & XBOX) and we are a group of mature attitude players of many ages and countries. We are a friendly PVE focused squadron which is great for new people to Elite Dangerous allowing time to learn this...
  14. V

    2 Week Mining and Exploration Mission to Eta Carina Nebula leaving Tomorrow

    This expedition is planned for the 26th of October through the 9th of November. We are going to Eta Carina Nebula, not the star Eta Carinae. The Eta Carina Nebula is about 9,000 light years from the bubble and filled with lifeforms, good mining and unexplored systems. Veritech Trade &...
  15. imaner76

    PvP Frontier created PVP gankers. By design.

    Frontier created PVP gankers. Discuss. For. All in game combat delivers no balanced/relevant in game reward. Once done with the forced/effective methods of "play" that got you the money to being combat ship build ready, you have no in game challenges left. You think back on your time mining and...
  16. Jibroni Gibironi

    A simple way to make this game more accessible to new players

    :unsure: Currently, there is this thing called a "codex" and "knowledgebase" in the game, that tells me absolutely nothing at all, totally useless. If I have to use to figure out even the most straight forward, basic things, its not a good look for this games design. This could have...
  17. Ralph Vargr

    Stealthie Was Right, Again.

    I picked up my second alt account on sale a week or so ago. Stealthie had advised me the honeymoon would be a short one. He was right. I took a carrier ride to Colonia with my new account. My ship was an A rated Cobra 3, with no engineering. I found the mining great, but the third time in...
  18. OnTheEdge

    General / Off-Topic leaked video: spanish Frontier developer talks about mining / PWS issue

    now we know whats going on! Source:
  19. tharealbouncer

    Painite not spawning in Hotspots

    Why is it that whenever I go into a Painite hotspot it never gives me Painite?
  20. LairdMcC

    Looking for new members

    Hi commanders. I have set up a squad with the aim of getting an ingame faction. We are located in Wathi system. After reaching our goal, we will have a number of roles. BGS, Exploration, Trading, mining and most important Having fun. We are also in the Zachary Hudson Galactic Power Play, so if...
  21. Random Player

    Best Way to Find Rocks?

    I am curious about the best way to find rocks to mine once you've dropped into a zone. HOW? I drop in and start firing my Pulse Wave Scanner and really only Prospect "yellow" rocks that reflect back from the scanner, trying to ascertain what is a good rock and what's probably just a rock. I...
  22. T

    Mining - Most Common Mining Mineral?

    I have it in my head to get all my INARA badges. The Miner badge requires 5,000 tons of minerals refined. I have 3,077 tons already. I'm not interested in money with this particular question. What is the easiest and most common mineral to mine that is available in great quantities? How do...
  23. B

    New mining bug?

    I was deep core mining for alexandrite when I encountered that the surface deposites on the interior of the asteroid were invincible and did not give chunks. Is this a known bug or what’s going on? This is for all surface deposits, not just this one Source: sorry...
  24. D

    Well... thanks for taking the fun out of mining...

    So mining is not exactly what you can call fun in playing Elite, and laser mining the worst of them all... I did a lot of that but then I got interested in core mining and subsurface mining, and I was actually enjoying it, a lot! (I like the mini-game). Maybe developers don't like that... cause...
  25. z64555

    Extend ProspectedAsteroid Events to Include Surface, Subsurface, and Core Deposits

    As the title says. ProspectedAsteroid events have been a great boon to the mining community as it greatly automates the analysis of hotspots and their performance on the bonuses. However, the events only account for laser mined minerals and don't reveal any info about the number of, and...
  26. C

    Hot Spot Nerfing

    Nerfing the hot spots needed to happen, but not the way it was done. Reducing the frequency of cores and SSDs just means there’s less to do while mining as now there is a lot more flying around trying to find good rocks. Rather then reducing the frequency, reduce the fragment count of cores and...
  27. Kestrel_Feathers

    Can't sell LTD at Fleet Carriers

    I've been sitting here with my cargo hold full of diamonds for 2 days now, checking Inara for prices, flying back and forth. For some reason, I can't sell LTDs. It either prompts me with a selling screen, which does absolutely nothing when I click sell or simply have no option to sell to that FC...
  28. GreyJedi137

    [INDEPENDENT] [LFG] Looking for a casual group to join? Help buying your dream ship? Mining? Join the Titans of Galaxias!

    We are the Titans of Galaxias! We are a casual group of players that just so happened the realize the ancient Greeks were better at naming stuff than us. If you are a solo or private group player, this is the Squadron for you. We like to join up pretty much daily and aim to be as flexible as...
  29. Tividar

    Beware hostile Asteroids

    Managed to loose a Cutter mining the Icebox last week. Couldn't figure out what happened and just assumed I'd zoned out and got myself crushed between two asteroids. Found out this weekend that's not what happened. Turns out the fragments you get from subsurface mining move at relativistic...
  30. norlin

    LTD mining is overpowered and it kills all other activities

    Hey FDevs, The LTD mining is way too overpowered and it renders all other activities to be mostly useless from the in-game perspective. Right now there are two different issues with mining: 1. Respawn bugs on re-login and even when flying away (~25km) on a launched fighter (while the ship is...
  31. H

    Small Squadron Recruiting: Blackforge Trade Co

    Greetings everyone, Blackforge Trading Co is an independent mercantile squadron which focuses on bulk goods trading and mining via fleet carrier. We are currently based in the Kaukamine system Vinci station, but operate wherever the most profitable trades lead us. We are currently 11...
  32. C

    FDev, Have You Lost Control of Your Game?

    After the so-called "nerf, 2-3 hours of mining: This is just silly. FDev, have you lost control of your game? Are you going to pull a Diablo III on us and inflate the heck out of in-game prices next? Edit: FDev could avoid going the inflation route by adding supply\demand curves that squash...
  33. Kallipar

    Elite Mining Simulator

    Firstly I do love this game, however I have become very disillusioned with what currently is on offer. After playing all of the previous incarnations across nearly every platform and backing the original kickstarter it has become yet another general building simulator, similar in many ways...
  34. StuartGT

    LTD3 Mining Analysis comparison: BEFORE & AFTER ( ~280 LTD/hr -> ~210LTD/hr)

    Source: So depending on sell price and travel time, mining is a easy, relaxing 200-300 million credits per hour (y)
  35. Yamiks

    [Video] New best way to make credits - it's still 3xLTD mining

  36. Sinister Evil

    Sinister Mining Market ~ Fleet Carrier

    Sinister Mining Market is now open for business at the system "RAS ELASED BOREALIS" planet 9 , my ship offers the following services and features for the hard working miner! All facilities except black market, and NO notoriety players allowed to dock! ALL ABSOLUTELY TARIFF FREE...
  37. J

    Imagine if we could have mining fighters

    Mining fighters would be another very fun way to mine asteroids. There could be two types of mining fighters: A laser mining fighter with a prospector limpet controller and a mining laser. I dont laser mine myself, but it would be incredibly useful to scout out available asteroids for mining...
  38. J

    Newcomer / Intro Full Spectrum System Scanner

    Hello, I want to use the FSSS, so I need to bind a key to open it (start it up) but I can't find where i should dot that. In the picture that i've send with tis post, you can see that it is not there were other people have found it. Please help :p Thanks in advance
  39. boppa_

    Taking priority bookings from console CMDR's first: Carrier Trip To Cupid's Arrow

    Please do not consume food and drink on the carrier. Tea & Coffee available. Air Conditioning. In flight entertainment includes Bingo and Compere. Travel in relative style. Curtain windows provided for your comfort and privacy. Driver with 25 years experience and hardly any points on pilot...
  40. boppa_

    Fleet Carrier Trip To Cupid's Arrow - your chance to mine and explore this beautiful location!

    The booking office is now open, please leave your name and 25 Tritium deposit below. Please do not consume food and drink on the carrier. Tea & Coffee available. Air Conditioning. In flight entertainment includes Bingo and Compere. Travel in relative style. Curtain windows provided for...
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