1. Icybow73

    Mobile version of CQC

    I enjoy playing CQC, and sometimes I want to play elite when I'm not near my PC. Now I know the original game is too much for common phones, unlike the mini powerhouse galaxy s10, which is fully capable of running the full version of the game. Even then the controls would be too complicated for...
  2. W

    How I would like to play ...

    Today i am going to Shinrarta. Rumors told me so. Telling the course to my ship using the galay map, and engaging engines. On my trip, which will probably take some more minutes, I will do something usefull. I got my mobile, connected to the ship, telling me whats going on. Was busy, when...
  3. M

    Release Any useful mobile companion app ?

    Hi All, been playing for around ~3 months now on PC and really enjoying the game so far. Just wondering if there's any mobile app where I can keep track of my contracts, general status info, galnet, etc... ?
  4. O

    Elite / Frontier Space sim / emulation / astronomy

    Most of you would know of Celestia, Stellarium, Orbiter. For those interested: Virtual Moon Atlas
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