1. [VR] Goooost

    Change 'solo' into 'open without pvp damage'.

    I think that people are mainly in solo to protect their investments, not to get away from people. By changing the options to just Open and Hardcore, it would probably help the community aspect of the game, player groups, and squadrons, but it also might help the servers, right? Instead of...
  2. Old Duck

    How Open-only would balance ED

    Disclaimer - I am NOT advocating for Open-Only, I'm just making an observation. Today I decided to join the Tritium Truckers, in hopes to make some meager credits to help me slowly progress to my goal of someday owning a fleet carrier. The best prices were between two outposts, so I configured...
  3. Old Duck

    Blocking in Elite Dangerous

    UPDATE - Thanks to much discussion and the very simple but elegant solution posed by one CMDR, I've changed my approach to the blocking system. I've decided to use it as a reverse iron man, in that once you have murdered me, I'm dead to you. You'll never see me again, because to you, I'm dead...
  4. Old Duck

    Stupid Griefers are Everywhere!

    And I'm not talking about Elite Dangerous. Well, I am, but the title is inspired by griefers in Overwatch, a team-based PvP game with no friendly fire. I've grown sick of trying to place in competitive matches, only to have "team" mates throw the match. Last night was just another example of...
  5. Lateralus

    [Suggestion] Open only 'district'

    So in the last minor update the 'Pilots Federation District' star cluster was added to help new players settle into the game without the threat of being swatted by max-engineered PvPers (not a bad idea IMO). One of the main features of this district is that PvP is strictly verboten here, even in...
  6. J

    Play Modes, Solo/PG/OP

    I know this has been said a thousand times before and I know I'm going to attract controversy for saying it but if I don't say it, how will Frontier know it's something I and likely many other people invested in the background sim would like. Gathering feedback in my gaming community for why...
  7. D

    In what way is griefing a good thing to have in a game?

    It's something that has always perplexed me. I'm all for pvp with someone who's up for it but not ganking people who just want an open mmo experience without some idiot hell-bent on ruining the game for people. Ganking ruins ED in my opinion. You can't do CGs in open as you'll invariably qet...
  8. W

    Solo Play interactions with other players

    Hi! I have three questions relating this topic: 1. In Solo Play, do other ships represent real players or they are AIs? 2. Am I destroyable in Solo Play Mode if I slow down in space somewhere in a star system and quit from the game application? How does other players see and interact with my...
  9. Audaxxx

    Why can't we just have a separate BGS/server for each mode?

    What is the barrier preventing Fdev from having separate servers for each mode? Is it just too much work? I'm hoping someone can enlighten me. It seems to me this would keep both sides happy but maybe i'm missing something.
  10. Lateralus

    [Suggestion] CQC : Duel mode

    So CQC has been struggling to attract players for some time now right.. why is this? Here's what I think the problems are: 1. It detracts from in-game progress Because of the huge grind walls in Elite, many players feel as though if they are not working towards their goals, they are wasting...
  11. Valen Zendaris

    Modes Legacy Modes in ED

    Currently we have the following modes in the game: a) Open b) Player Group c) Solo The idea is to add one new mode: Open Legacy with an optional mode of Legacy Player Groups The Open Legacy mode would be a duplicate of the current Open mode, however restricted to content available within the...
  12. Riverside

    Meaningful PvP Proposal

    A regular complaint justifiably levelled at ED is that there is no 'meaningful' PvP, it has no effect on the BGS, combat ranks etc. It cannot, because the idea of effecting change via PvP is incompatable with the instancing filters (blocklist and solo/group modes). The aim of this proposal is to...
  13. T

    [SUGGESTION] Minor text change to clarify game modes.

    Proposal: Change the following text on the start menu: Open Play Private Group Solo Play to: Open Play (PvP) Private Group Solo Play (PvE) Purpose: It's a clarification of 'Community Defined Intent' of these game modes for new players. Impact: 0% impact on game play. Approx 1 to 2 man...
  14. C

    Modes Contraversal but Crucial: Lets be OPEN

    I know this is going to be a contraversal topic. But I want to start a dialogue in the hope that others will ultimately give confidence to Frontier to do what needs to be done. Unless, of course, there are counter-points that validate the system as it is--but I think we need to deal with a...
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