1. Yamiks

    [video] Money GRINDING problem 2 Remember : if you are fine with small ships and so on, it's all fine, you do you, but don't come to me saying there is no such thing as "the grind" for the big3...
  2. Sicknote337

    Community Event / Creation Ship Dimensions for modeling

    I've been wanting to have a go at making models from matchsticks. Many ideas had run through my head on what to create as my very first model made from matches. One particular day my son seen me looking at the ships found in the game manual while I was deciding which ship to upgrade to next in...
  3. Caledonian

    The Docking Computer thread.

    It is just perfect, I may have had a little nerdgasm.:eek:
  4. Fire Head Fred

    Opinions on new Passenger ships

    I like the new ship/class design, except they don't really look like ships that can be modified very easily. I think one of the best parts about Elite and Frontier Elite 2 is that you can modify and customize any ship you buy, regardless of what class the ship is (trader, fighter, etc). And...
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