1. Starbreaker

    21:9 UW monitor for gaming, worth it?

    I'm thinking about buying a new monitor for gaming use, I've singled out 2 that I'm interested in. First is the LG 34GL750-B, it's a 2560x1080 144Hz IPS panel. Second is the ASUS TUF Gaming VG35VQ which is a 3440x1440 100Hz VA panel, also a couple of hundred $ more expensive. Both of these...
  2. Scarlet Viper

    Various flight sim equipment for sale!

    I hope it's ok to post a message about my clearout sale here.. I don't have enough time any more for flight simming, so I am selling my complete setup. I live in the UK and all of this equipment will go live on ebay on Sunday around 8-9pm via this LINK. Acer XB270HU 144hz GSync monitor...
  3. CMDR Evolution

    CQC CQC Performance Tracker

    Greetings Commanders, If you've ever looked at your CQC stats and wondered how well you're improving or what to focus on next, then read on :D To measure CQC performance going back over the last 3 years and after many nights and weekends effort, I've recently created a CQC Stats spreadsheet...
  4. Uvelius Sång

    Release Multi-Screen proection of cockpit tabs?

    I leafed through the Codex but couldn't find it, so allow me to ask here (in the hope that this is the correct thread): Is there any 3rd party tool out there that allows assigning one of the tabs (comms, contacts, status ...) to a secondary, odd-sized monitor? This sounds quite...
  5. S

    Newcomer / Intro How can I make my triple monitor setup "just work" with ED ?

    Nvidia surround, is, of course, horrible to use. Not only does it not work right with monitors of multiple different resolution, it essentially breaks multimonitor functionality for windows entirely. I use my computer for other things that ED and switching between nvidia surround ON and OFF is...
  6. kris44dad

    Uses for a second monitor

    I just finished watching one of the MANY YouTube videos on Elite Dangerous. The author did a really wonderful editing job,with external shots of the ship, shots from underneath going thru the station entryway, the landing gear deploying, etc. It made me think, it would be cool if the game did...
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