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    Dinosaurs Buildings & Attractions "Second Phase/Phase Two" DLC Concept

    Through my observations, big DLCs take many many months for completion. With three ideas of that kind in mind, it kinda feels a little arbitrary to a part of me for each and every one of them to have a separate DLC, combined with rumors I hear that it would be until sometime in 2021 when this...
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    Dinosaurs Buildings & Attractions Concept of a "possible" marine dinosaur inclusion update/DLC (and how it could work in depth)

    I must confirm something first!!! Frontier Developments confirmed countless times their focus right now are the land based stuff, especially since they’ve confirmed on the official JWE Twitter account there are so many land dinosaur options to choose from. This means their focus now are the land...
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    Aviary and mosasaurus paddock in JW Evolution?

    Hello there! Im new here so I'll try to post as good as I can express my doubt :p I have a question about the Jurassic World islands that are able in this new and amazing game. The question ir related whit the main title theme, are we going to be able to build the Aviary from the first Jurassic...
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