1. Vasea Azure

    General / Off-Topic Top Gun 2020

    I dont hate it :D Source:
  2. M

    Community Event / Creation Short film: The Game Has Changed Hi there, I have long had the idea of this meditative film, and, finally, after a while I'm happy to introduce it. I hope you will enjoy. Get ready: 5... 4... 3... 2... 1...
  3. P

    Movie related content when watching JP in theatres in summer 2018?

    Hi guys, will there be some movie-related content when watching the new JP film in theatres? I mean something like Blizzard did when the Warcraft movie started and you got game content. Or when you look at Creative Assembly, who collaborated with Gamestop to give away some exclusive free DLCs...
  4. J

    [VIDEO] THE DOOR (short movie)

    I made short movie about Thargoids ... I hope, you will like it. :)
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