1. Ascorbius

    Improving on foot multicrew by changing how we respawn and reviving our team mates.

    With 4 player multi-crew coming I think a lot of people will play it and it could be a lot of fun, but it's missing a vital part of the experience - The feeling of being in a team, succeeding and failing, learning and achieving things together. To help to make this better can I make couple of...
  2. CMDR_Raikkonen

    Multi-crew needs more love thread

    Hello Hello! So the new four-seater ships will be an awesome addition to the game, and streamlining the crew / wing / team thing is a must. Surely this must either pave the way for NPC crew in future, or some more love given to the multi-crew features? Given the way things stand, and some of...
  3. P

    Can't see other commanders on planet in Crew mode Odyssey.

    So a friend and I were playing the other night, I invited him to be a crew member. We landed on a planet and I disembarked the ship (and I think it is so idiotic that the crew member can't disembark with me) in my SRV, and started driving around. We noticed that my friend couldn't see me out the...
  4. W

    Newcomer / Intro Wing and multi-crew changes

    Greetings Commanders. With the release of Odyssey I was wondering if we should expect changes to the way that wings and Multi-crew work. I recently bought the base game for some of my friends when it was on sale and was baffled that wings and Multi-crew still can't mix. Not only that but wing...
  5. CMDR Vox-Lee

    Instancing and Physical multi-crew issues

    o7 F-Dev! Thank you for Odyssey, it has some amazing potential. So far The main issue s I have been having is instancing and Multicrew. So me and my team land on a planet, 50% of the time we do not get put into the same instance. This is worse than before and requires us to jump to SC and then...
  6. CMDR_Raikkonen

    Multicrew needs love / fixing: FSS

    I haven't used multi crew in the game proper since it first launched, mainly because it was just so clunky to do anything and largely redundant. Could anybody tell me if crew can use FSS and can they use it while the helm is moving through supercruise? Or does the helm still have to stop...
  7. O

    add an option of gunner view in multi-crew

    A new view control mode: make the gunner's view based on ship location and rotation status, which will rotate together with the ship. This is possible to make the turret hard to control and aim for gunners (possibly not, if gunner and pilot cooperate well), but make more immense experience. and...
  8. R

    [ALLIANCE] Looking for Alliance Bounty Hunting Wing

    Relatively new player looking for wing mates for bounty hunter massacre missions.. Active Player If you don't want to risk your ship I have fighter bay
  9. Britarnya

    Share Credits With Multi-Crew Commanders

    I was assisted in completing my first on-foot mission in the Odyssey Alpha by others in my Squadron, and it occurred to me that there was no way for me to show my appreciation in the way of sharing the credits I made from the mission. To that end, I would request: some kind of Crew % Share...
  10. Stoikiy

    Couple of suggestion features from CMDR Stoikiy

    Hello, dev-s, cmdr-s... this topic can be huge one. My opinion is hardly interesting to anyone, but if there are such people, including project managers, I hope I will see something of this in the future of the game. So let start: 1) suggestion feature: update punishments for PVP crimes...
  11. T

    General Thoughts on SL craft and Multi-crew possibilities.

    I was talking with some friends, and we all had an agreement that multi-crew is basically not worth it which seems to be the consensus in the community. I had a long think, and while I am not super new, I am also not totally unversed in how Elite works so I had some thoughts that I would like...
  12. SergMx

    Accept the Crew

    1. I start open game 2. My friend (in game) start open game 3. I select the menu two friends and click - invite to the crew. 4. What's next? I don't get any reaction from him or me. How do you take a specific person as a crew member in an open game?
  13. K

    Proposed Multi-crew Rework for Dedicated "Ship Engineer"

    Multi-crew could be much more, we all know this. With 100% ship functionality purposely designed to be controlled by a single CMDR, there really isn't enough tasks to dole out to two or three people. In this post, I am strictly going to discuss the role of multi-crew in Combat. Disclaimer...
  14. K

    Proposed Multi-crew Rework for Dedicated "Ship Engineer"

    Multi-crew could be much more, we all know this. With 100% ship functionality purposely designed to be controlled by a single CMDR, there really isn't enough tasks to dole out to two or three people. In this post, I am strictly going to discuss the role of multi-crew in Combat. Disclaimer...
  15. CMDR_Raikkonen

    Will ED: Odyssey bring Winging Up, Multicrew and Squadrons back into focus?

    Afternoon, Just wondering if people think Odyssey will put Winging Up, Multicrew and Squadrons back in to the spotlight. A) Will Odyssey make you want to Wing Up, Multicrew or join a Squadron? Like most MMOs I'm thinking opportunities for squadron (or guild) recruitment in the bar / lounge...
  16. SergMx

    Advanced Multi-cannons vs Thargoids and Multicrew

    Hi all ! Not my video, but I'd like to hear the experts' opinion on it. Source: 1. Advanced machine guns can put more restriction on 4 AX weapons, it helps ? 2. In general, how useful is the multicrew (not a link) in the fight against targoids, what...

    Ships and boots working together.

    First, lets hope that Oddysey doesn't follow the steps of the SRV, where we can now walk on planets...and that's about it. Of course, there will be missions related to walking or could also be done in the SRV. Likewise, there will most likely be missions the require walking, in which case this...
  18. DGBaley

    Fleet Carriers need to use more existing game play mechanics.

    I'm amazed at how few of the existing game play mechanics are used by the fleet carriers. Fleet carriers could make use of existing game play loops that are already familiar to players. I believe the following mechanics would significantly enhance the capabilities of the carriers and make them...
  19. Kushiel's Dart

    Multi crew in Livestream

    Dear FDev, Can you let CMDR’s join your crew during your next livestream? I’ll volunteer to go first!
  20. R

    True multi-crew ships (concept idea)

    Since multi-crew came out I think many of us tried it out but never really bothered to us it to make money with fighting, mining, trading or exploring. From my point of few the mistake was the concept of the ships combined with multicrew. A squadron of ships will alway outperform a current ship...
  21. A

    Mining fighters

    Either create mining specific fighters out allow for the loadout if fighters to be changed to include mining equipment. Imagine being able to use your cutter to scan for deep core asteroids, find one with a prospector limpet, then launch your mining fighter, place charges while your cutter...
  22. FIGRIN

    The Friend Bus

    Hey y'all, I have been playing Elite for almost two years now; slowly earning money, enjoying quiet moments in my cockpit and the occasional combat. Every once in a while I've run into another player--sent them an o7 before they waked out, or entered a CG only to be inexplicably blown away by...
  23. marx

    To Frontier: what are multicrew exploration rewards supposed to be?

    Ever since it was implemented in the first beta of Chapter Four, multi-crew exploration never rewarded the crew's effort with anything. No credits, no rank progression. (Also no tags, but that is probably for the best.) To make sure, neither after the session, nor when the host sells the data...
  24. Red Fox Four

    Multi-crew rewards need to be 1:1 with the profits the pilot / ship owner gets.

    Jumped into a friends AspX to help him learn how the core mining works. We flew around for an hour or so and just popped some Alexandrite rocks. Yeah, yeah, not the top paying mineral but he was just learning the ropes. By the end though we had 50T of Alexandrite and a quick check on the Galaxy...
  25. Z

    Newcomer / Intro New Player Multicrew

    I have a friend just joining the game and my friends and I have played for some time now. to give him some practice flying around with us I tried to invite him to multicrew but it said invitee is already in a crew. I am unsure if this is because he is in the new player star systems and needs to...
  26. CMDR Kyle Donovan

    Dear Santa... (mining fighter and subtypes)

    So, I know I've been really good this year, and I only flew my spaceship for good, and helped out my friends, and evacuated dozens of burning space stations, even when they locked me out because I was trying to get inside a burning station but had a fender bender... but that's a grumble for...
  27. CaptainCaboose

    Mining SLF(Pretty please FDEV)

    Here's the ask: Mining SLF's, multi-crew capable, to assist with utilizing the new mining features. Each SLF should have limited combat capability(using a mining lazer), or simply no offensive capabilities at all and simply chaff for escaping. The SLF would be able to scan the rocks and...
  28. CMDR Arazriel

    Comprehensive Multi-Crew Exploration System

    Hi, I have a few suggestions in mind with the recent BETA. Please note that BETA 2 is currently experiencing server issues, but I considered my suggestions in alignment with the new game mechanics. First of all I have to say the multi-crew element is severely lacking in it's current state in...
  29. KnightShade

    My First Thargoid Kill! This one was a close scrap, we nearly died! The story goes that I was looking to help someone kill a Thargoid Cyclops and I eventually found him! His name was CMDR Scotia47X. We were eventually joined by another commander, and his name was...
  30. Yamiks

    [video] Horizons "review"
  31. R

    NPC Crew

    Posted this on one of the Facebook groups the other day but posting it here for consideration in the roadmap: NPC Multi crew where firstly they will warn you (cue different voices associated with crew) that a module is taking damage but you can then instruct them to start repairs. You could...
  32. R

    Multi-Crew (Winged) missions not paying out

    I was wondering if anyone else has come across this issues before. I believe a little back story might be needed. I am in route to Colonia. ~8000Ly from the bubble. My buddy asked if I could join his crew to help defend is Type-9 during a Wing mission that pays 13mil Cr. After serveral attempts...
  33. Blight Born

    Multi-Crew Fun Success

    Just thought I'd share that my buddy and I are having a fun time in Multi-Crew. I've been on PC for awhile, currently working on rank for a Corvette, but for the time being my Annie is giving me loads of fun. He just switched from Xbox to PC, but he decided not to transfer accounts, as he has...
  34. CMDR Kyle Donovan

    Expanded multi-crew powers

    So after streaming multi-crew exploration and its limitations today, I'd like to throw out some ideas that I'm /hoping/ wouldn't be too terribly hard to implement. This isn't even asking for shared payout. This is purely to help the CMDR in charge. While this is primarily for exploration, it...
  35. Perfect Dark

    Fleet Carrier ideas / hopes for Q4 2018

    The idea of being able to interact with Fleet Carriers in the upcoming Q4 update for 2018 is a truly exciting idea. I started this thread to hear everyone's input on how they would want this to work, including how the structuring of Squadrons would play into the fleet carrier concept. -Should...
  36. Perfect Dark

    Space Legs

    I signed up for this Forum because it seemed to be the best way to submit suggestions to developers. More than anything I would love Space Legs to be a part of this game, not only for planetary surfaces but for the interiors of the larger ships as well. Ships such as the Type 9 and Type 10 have...
  37. S

    Multi-Crew Questions and Issues (With FGS advice appreciated)

    Hey everyone, I just bought a FGS and was trying to multi-crew with my two friends who play ED. I have a size 6 SLF hanger and two SLFs, but I could only invite one person to my crew. Reddit threads from the 2.2 beta prior to SLF release mentions you can have two humans pilot your SLFs. Did the...
  38. G

    Beyond Series: UNfocused Feedback - Multicrew

    Hi FDev, I've been using multicrew a lot of late, as the idea of working as a team to operate a ship is just damn cool. However, some smaller details have really marred the experience for me and my squadron-to-be. When using turrets, the tendency of targeting to select the ship under the...
  39. C

    SRV Orbital Drop

    Precisely as the title says, I would appreciate being able to drop the SRV without landing all the way even if the limit is within 1 km of the surface just being able to drop the SRV makes sense especially when it becomes multi-crew capable. You could do something like what appeared in the...
  40. A

    Multicrew Exploration

    Suggestion for a way to pair multi crew with exploration Scanning lab module for determining the exact value of exploration data before you scan could be player multi crew and hired crew. The crew could also work as a scanning turret to scan bodies from any angle and multiple at the same time...
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