1. M

    AX and Guardian Weapon Changes. Gauss is popular mainly because it's all that works.

    Apologies, this might be a long one. Adv. Multicannons After a fight in an AX conflict zone to test out four of the new multicannons (2x overcharged, 2x sturdy mount - great against scouts, barely registered against an interceptor), and taking a caustic missile in the process, I did what any...
  2. GN_Abbude

    could give us a Multicannon AX size 4 for use on our larger ships.

    lately I've been trying to get a lot closer to Anti-thargoid activities, i killed my first thargoid interceptor this year, and I really enjoyed using the multicannons. What I find strange and even ugly sometimes is the fact that a lot of the ships I would like to use in this activity have much...
  3. P

    Class 3 (large) Multi-cannon Turrets?

    Hey, I was just wondering, why are there no class 3 multicannon turrets? All other turreted weapons have turrets across the board, so why not the multicannons? I really hope this can be implemented in the future.
  4. n13L5

    Looking for comments / math-warrior advice on Vette PvE setup...

    I've spent hours on Forum posts found by Google to avoid making some willy-nilly fitting that doesn't work. I'd like to see if my take-away from all these arguments is not grossly mistaken in any area :) I'll structure this into functional blocks... (Talking about speeds and guns and shields...
  5. hs0003

    AX Large Turreted Multicannons, non AX version?

    I don't know about everyone else, but I absolutely love how the AX large turreted multicannons look. So I was thinking, why not give us a non AX version and let us add it to the regular arsenal? Even if it's given the regular turret penalties in comparison to the existing fixed large...
  6. Y

    Mr BRaben, what has gone wrong with this project???

    Mr Braben, in the latest newsletter you put the delivery date back to "late Q4". Over the last year your delivery date has gone back three months every three months. In case you forgot, when you took our money, you told how you have a great reputation for delivering on time. Two questions...
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