1. Old Duck

    Elite theme song is stuck in my head!

    I'm not talking Elite Dangerous, but Elite 1984. That was a trippy little song, especially on the Commodore 64 sound chip! I have no idea why, but it's stuck in my head and I keep "singing" it (do do do, ....) out loud to the chagrin of my wife. For those who never heard it, just do a search on...
  2. Pixelated Sparkster

    Buildings & Attractions It would be amazing if the tour truck has safari music!

    I do not know if this is implemented yet, but I will place it in ideas and feature request incase it is not in the game. Could we have the tour truck have safari music that is similar to the theme of the lost world? It would be a lot of fun having the sensation of the lost world as you drive...
  3. Un1k0rn

    ESO Elsweyr theme

    Had to share this. A great take on the classic theme!
  4. ArtiX

    General / Off-Topic Finish the Fight - TTF production log

    Hey, since i'm frequenting this forum on a more common base, and since PlanCo custom assets are not the only passion i have, i thought this might be a good thread to read through, if you're interested in seeing a song progress from its conception and composition to its final mixdown. Let's...
  5. pb Gaming

    Weltenbauer Park Trailer

    Hey there! Since the new Forums got activated, I can't edit the old posts or I am doing something wrong. So I'm starting this Thread again and hope that it's ok. I am a longtime fan of Planet Coaster, own the game since Beta and read across the Forums regularly. I started a build in October...
  6. BinakAlgo

    How to listen to radio stations from the rift?

    The question is as simple as that. I've finally got tired of the music (or lack of) so I wanted to listen to Radio Sidewinder and found out that while I was able to hear it in the "oculus room", it was shut off once I started Elite. Can anyone help me with the solution?
  7. A

    Music of Elite Dangerous

    I'm getting pretty sick and tired of the Supercruise music. Since (while exploring) I'll spend a lot of time in it, the music gets old fast. I decided to drop out of Supercruise to watch a sunset on a HMC World. After about 3 minutes, music started playing. Now, normally, while doing missions, I...
  8. P

    Newcomer / Intro Introducing the Homage to the Robigo Run Music Video Enjoy everyone

    check my latest creation out a fun Music video with Lucas inspired enhancement :-) hehehhe enjoy and share would love to get feedback and I may make some more
  9. CMDR Jeanome

    Updated version of the E:D OST

    Hey Frontier, I was just curious if there might have been any discussion about adding any music updates to the OST that I currently have in my DL section. I would love it if any of the new music that has been added by Chapter 4 release was added to the OST zip files. Thanks!
  10. B

    Media for PlanCo (Audio, Video, Pictures)

    Hello everyone i make this post to Share found Media for Planco Sounds Music and co. For Fairytale i have this Soundtrack found Audiomchine - Tree of Life
  11. M

    How to Transform Elite from monotonous to wonderful in an instant.

    What's this on the right side panel... GALNET news player. How about playing some music on this radio? Nope, no radio, no music. The game has classical music, right? You know, with the docking computer. Play it in the game? Nope! Typically in Elite I tend to drift around supercruise in...
  12. C

    elite dangerous spotify

    Anyone else heard the elite dangerous awesome mix on spotify?? Oh just remembered the space trucking one too
  13. flamenkosh

    personal favorite "soundtracks" to use?

    As Elite, in the beginning, is rife with long travel times and slow progression, I have taken to using some 3rd-party soundtracks to add to my game experience, you know, really get you immersed in this galactic society. At this time, my favorite creator to listen to is Stellardrone. His music is...
  14. M

    Ingame Music

    the music of the game are amazing and beautiful. BUT.. 1- the only radio we have, the Gal-news radio, is limited to news only "indeed, its a NEWS radio". 2- we can not buy Planetary SRV music, even when we own Horizons, they are not released yet and no one knows when. so if we love to hear a...
  15. F

    In-game external music player controls

    I know this is a long shot, but the single best thing you guys could do to improve the game would be to add an ability to control music and podcast playback from within the game menus. As a longtime VR player, the biggest drag for me has been those long trips in the game where you basically...
  16. Punished Mobius

    Persecution Of The Masses. (Video) The Music used is "Black Mass" A remix of "Persecution Of The Masses" from the movie 'Shin Godzilla' by the channel SuperTohoRemix Lyrics (yes it is actually in English) "Persecution of the Masses" "Sacred blessings count for nothing" "Oh god give us your...
  17. T

    Ship-board Stereo System

    It would be great if there was a stereo system you could purchase at stations to install in the cockpit of your ship. One that reacts to each situation and environment perhaps. For example I enjoy listening to music while I explore the galaxy, in kind of a 'Guardians of the Galaxy' way, but it...
  18. M

    Discussion [CLOSED] E:D Score and suggestion : realtime event log

    Hey ED Dev team, hey guys... I'm working on a side project of mine based on Elite Dangerous and I recently encountered an issue that I hadn't anticipated. Let me explain... Project purpose The working title of the project is "ED Score", and the main purpose of the tool is to offer an...
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