1. W

    More animal colouration mutations PLEASE!?

    First of all thank you to frontier for acknowledging the player-base and implementing albinism, but now many people are getting these variants which is good as everyone should but it takes away from the rarity and lowers the price from 10k to less then normal animals I believe if melanism or...
  2. S

    New/DLC animals, new color mutations and hybrids

    New animals: -Ram -Deer (Daniel deer) -Caribou -Przewalski's horse -African Wild Donkey -Indian Wild Donkey -Kangaroo -Platypus -Meerkats -Otters -Koala -Tasmanian Devil -European/Arctic Fox -Maned Wolf -Quoll -Pengiun -Raccoon -Polar bear -Kudu -Skunk -Fennec fox -Dingo -Wombat -Aardwolf...
  3. G

    Zebra foal with unique mutated fur patern.

    Just saw this on facebook and wanted to share it because it's very unique and beautiful (and maybe an idea for planet zoo if we do get skin mutations). Text that was added: “Last night a Maasai guide discovered a one of a kind genetically mutated baby zebra in the Maasai Mara and named it after...
  4. GrimCamel

    Decent genetic system and diverse looks

    So like most of you I played ZT2 during my childhood. I always was a fan of breeding my animals and genetics. ZT2 did have colour variations but sadly they were not passable. I really hope PZ will introduce realistic colour and pattern variation that's passable to the next generation like...
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