1. Kestrel_Feathers

    Strange sounds coming from my Anaconda

    Source: I don't know if it's encoded message or just a bug, but either way I've decided I should record it before "solving" it by restarting my game. I can hear this occasionally when I drop out of SC or retract my hardpoints, but on the station it seem to happen...
  2. Old Duck

    Mysteries, or just bugs?

    I sometimes discover things in this game that are mysterious, especially when the rumors of Raxxla and The Dark Wheel dance around in the back of my head. Yet when I investigate these things, nothing comes of them, making me think these are just bugs in the game. Here are a couple of examples...
  3. Daniel Klimchuk

    (Humor) I found Raxxla - I am ready to share it with everyone.

    I finally found Raxxla, and I am ready to share it with the world: Where do I get my reward?

    Call for Explorers - NGC 188 now reachable

    EDIT: after a more careful look at it, it seems this was done through an exploit, so it is NOT possible to reach NGC 188 yet! it is also in very poor exploration spirit to use exploits to get to a place before everyone else.. I was recently shocked at discovering that on EDSM, it seems like...
  5. F

    Calling all rifters !!!!

    I have a brand new theory ! as far as we know the dark wheel (in game) is fake as told by flic the engineer and others and we have also been told you can not seek out the dark wheel but they will seek YOU! Using this info and knowledge of the bgs i suggest that if we completely wipe out...
  6. F

    KIC 8462852 mega structure?

    Ok so ive been to KIC 8462852 (abbys star) and nothing! Come on fdev where is the et maga structure? It was all over the news when you guys made the game and again at launch ... missed a trick there lol
  7. R

    SUPERCRUISE BETWEEN SYSTEMS Mechanics and Implementation

    OK, most people know you can't really supercruise between systems. Sure, you can cruise the distance, but you're not really "there". The frameshift jump animation masks loading the local system information and skybox. Sure, not many people even try. But here's a mechanic that I believe would...
  8. shrav

    QoL for system status and mysterious things

    Just a small thing that could help explorers as well as make the Galaxy feel more alive to everyone. As you enter a human inhabited system COVAS will tell you what state the system is in (eg. Economic boom detected, civil war in progress). For mysterious things like thargoid sites, guardian...
  9. F

    Latest Rift mystery updates

    Im late in starting on this but have tried to catch up with all the info ! It seems to have gone quiet of late and all threads are now closed /locked so what is the latest news and where are ppl looking ect...? Or have i missed something?
  10. omnicognate

    GUARDIAN PUZZLE SOLVED? synuefe eu-q c21-10

    Ok so i went to the guardian site at the location stated above in the title, there are some sort of energy pylons located around the base, 6 to be exact. shooting at one will cause a timer to start, however what you ned to do is shoot at them continuously until they are fully charged. there are...
  11. M

    Galnet.... Thargoids.... Hmm....

    Anybody ever wonder why the Galnet logo looks suspiciously like a Thargoids ship?
  12. EidLeWeise

    ANNOUNCEMENT Rumble in the Roids

    Let us 'celebrate' the end of Alpha 3 by having a melee in the Asteroids on Sunday 11th May from 19:30 UK time. Make friends or stab your wingman in the back, it matters not. Join us on teamspeak if you wish for a more sociable event. Or you can turn down the heat and play the deadly shark...
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